Posted by: bazzpugh | May 30, 2017

Pieds and Starts Llandod.

Nice to see the Redstarts and Pied flycatchers raising broods…… 4  lots of each in the bird boxes and possibly one or two in natural tree holes.male Red Start.

Fem Red Start.

Male Pied.

Male Pied…..Hes supposed to be feeding his chicks….”Fatty”.

Female Pied……very wary…not so confiding or should I say “As bold” as the males.



  1. Reblogged this on Pete's Favourite Things and commented:
    Off to Wales for a few days tomorrow. Hoping to catch up with these beautiful birds.

  2. Interesting pics showing how completely different the male and females are of these 2 species….well done, Kev, for your knowledge !

  3. So sorry, Bazz, once again for confusing you and Kev. I’ll say again well done, Bazz, for your brilliant identification.

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