Posted by: Tony Ware | April 1, 2015

Gilfach NR.

Another under recorded Radnor little gem. Through The Woodlands and over The Hills. The River Marteg looking torrent and spectacular, with the 2 pair of Dipper back on there breeding grounds. The Hills: Wheatear (2 males), Stonechat (2 Pairs), a few Mippits about, and a single Skylark. The Woodlands: Chiffchaff (2), Redstart (2), Song Thrush (5), a pair of Mistle Thrush, Blue and Great tits, and a Long-tailed Tit at the nest. Other Birds: A pair of Ravens displaying, a Peregrine flew over, and a pair of Kestrels on site, Sad to note a dead one on the 470 this morning, (Road casualty) by the Llanlwrthwl turning down by The Holt. I will try and have a look tomorrow to see if it as a ring on its leg, (If it is still There).

Posted by: bazzpugh | April 1, 2015

Duck Llandrindod Wells Lake

04Oct2011_4274I’m hoping one of our expert bloggers can identify this chap or Chapess…must have been blown in by the strong winds recently….I sighted it close to Leafies strangling…..I hope somebody will come up with something before our blog comes crashing down!!!!!.

Posted by: robin100 | April 1, 2015

Radnor Bird Blog to Close

After 7 years of twittering about birds in Radnorshire, the Radnor Bird Blog is to be shut down. The news comes after complaints about the website’s constant focus on avian activity, and reports that people are just not that interested.

The site received a record 1500 visitors last month and over 50,000 views in 2014, but such statistics have not been enough to save the blog. A local commentator voiced what many have been thinking: “I mean it’s good that people have a place to express themselves, and sure there are more folks sharing their wildlife experiences because of sites like these, but this is just beyond. Who’s ever heard of a great grey shrike for goodness sake?! I for one won’t be sad to see it gone for good.”

Those who have come to rely on the blog are to receive counselling and support, while an amnesty on binoculars and long lenses has been declared.

Posted by: Tony Ware | March 31, 2015

Llynheilyn/Penybont Common via Steve Davies.

Steve made one of is visits to Radnor today. Llynheilyn there were 15 Coot, 4 Tufted Duck, Just 3 Teal, 3 Wigeon, 2 Little Grebe and 2 Adult Mute Swans with 4 juveniles, Could not see the fifth juvenile ?.
At Penybont Common there was a Kestrel and looks like the GGS got blown away.

Posted by: bazzpugh | March 31, 2015


010Could not resist taking this little beaut being buffeted around by the wind up the Rhogo…Its lucky any of the shots are sharp the way the vehicle was being shaken by the wind.031“Where’s that blue 4×4 and that bloke with the funny hat”    Went to the common this A.M no sign of our tourist…saying that who in their right mind would be out on a day like today!!!!!  yes I suppose l asked for that one!!!

Posted by: Tony Ware | March 30, 2015

Around Elan.

Trying to dodge all the Frogs on the road tonight at Pont ar Elan/Hirnant in all the heavy rain, a male Merlin was seen here mid-day today. Other birds: A few Chiffchaff about, along with Redstart, Wheatear and Stonechat. Skylarks singing above when the sun shines, and a Mistle Thrush was seen with young.

Posted by: bazzpugh | March 30, 2015

Penybont common compilation Today A.M.

035046047051067053 003001

As I am grandparenting this week-at home-I shall perchance miss the departure of my “friend” ! Thus I decided to spend a few more hours with him in the gales & rain! If I were him , I would be GONE! Some fun when a Mistle Thrush (much bigger) decided to move in for a few worms- no chance – the Shrike chased him for 400 yards off his patch! Otherwise , nowt significant save a few human visitors- great to share with the Knighton guys and a lady from Bromyard , who was reared on the Rhogo. Bon voyage._DSC6924_filtered

Posted by: alinrhayader | March 29, 2015

Toads (Plus a few newts..)

The rain may be pretty miserable for us humans but if you are an amphibian it must be heaven. 20 toads and 17 smooth newts were collected last night between the lashings of rain, before the lake road shut at 8pm. The road is only closed for one more week and I think they have only just started to move. If anybody does venture out, don’t forget to let Darylle in the RWT office know how many you collect.

Getting more difficult as it stays down towards the cattle grid now and the lorries are not conducive to parking!_DSC6494_filtered

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