Lake @L’dod etc.

Sorry re no pics ,but my mac is in “hospital”. The frosty start produced lots more birds today including a Goldcrest, LT Tit, Marsh tit and Bullfinches etc. Great! Roll on a wee bit of snow! Barry down at Woodlands has a Reed Bunting again plus all the usual. Funniest report goes to Ann & Humphrey ( Morgan) down the lake , where they spotted a floating egg next the outflow/sluice today ; I  concluded it was the result of an illicit liason betwixt a carp and a Canada goose, but after some debate ,decided on the latter, slightly out of season ! !!  A Treecreeper was hanging out by the feeder stump and Sue’s leucistic Blackbird was grateful as ever for some pellets. A solitary Fieldfare was calling loudly up the Golf course in the horse field.

Cormorant & Egret near Llanbister

Taking a trip into town and having my camera with me I was delighted
to have spotted what I thought at first sight was a Heron.
Stopped to photograph and discovered it was a Cormorant, I then noticed some distance from it a Great Egret.
Managed a couple of photos.
Still there on return trip from town.

Song Thrush singing

I’ve been listening out for the first one and this morning it paid off! Other birds already making themselves noticed round here are Mistle Thrush, Dunnock, Robin, Sparrow, Wren, Nuthatch, Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, plus Ravens, Rooks, Jackdaws, Starling, Red Kites, Crows, Jays and of course Woodpeckers are adding to the mixed chorus. Anything else heard display calling or singing from where you are? I’ve heard Blackbirds sing in December and January but only in cities.

Lake& Cefnllys.

Wonder if other folk are having our experience, as following the snow , everything vanished save the usual few-even the Starlings “hopped” it! Then the drop in temp produced an influx today , but still low numbers  : we saw 12 Starlings at our windfalls-unfair ;  John Leafe has Redwings AND Fieldfares out at Xgates on their apples! The lake recovered its Goosanders after the ice-17 at one point plus a Cormorant and t’other day a Heron after an absence. Finally , a Pied Wagtail in town outside Kevin’s paper shop! What food there? Greggs ‘ droppings perhaps? No camera of course!The intruder is one of our lovely Bank Voles as per.



So the sun came through yesterday and lit up the remaining snow on the hills-beautiful at last-shame today was a grey waste!  Finally got one of the Long tailed Tits-have to mention that Liz (Edwards) has a Short tailed Tit visiting her feeders-not a new variety , but a slight mishap! Ours have taken to visiting very late in the pm.Otherwise our local Song Thrush skulks under the hedge , scared of all (12 +) the Blackbirds; the Marsh Tit pops in at odd intervals and the Siskins are regular.


Cefnllys +Lake.

Delighted to see a Blackcap ( fem/imm) gobbling our sunflower hearts yesterday, tho no sign today.A

Starling showing off its gaudy colours-not appreciated until very close-not a fav at the feeders but sparkles in the right light. At the lake re 18 Goosanders and near the new”barn” on the corner just before Lakeside a Water Rail again, quite unconcerned ,paddling and pecking .

Lake & Cefnllys

Well, let’s keep the ball rolling as the powers that be have now decreed that we shall

have no Xmas-yup, I would prefer to be alive and walking  than whispering carols in hospital , but WHY did they  dangle carrots in front of us in the first place? SO…our Goosanders still-10 + and 3 Cormorants odd Reed Bunts and a saucy Water Rail parading on the bend to Lakeside ( possibly encouraged by Carol’s offerings), but no sound from a Cetti!   Up here our Sprawk visits hopefully and so do the dozen Siskins and Greenfinches etc.

It’s XMAS!

It’s time to wish every soul that contributes to our blog, either by reporting ,or just looking, a GRAND XMAS and an even better NEW YEAR-you really are a lovely crowd and it’s an enormous pleasure to participate in such wonderful company! Keep looking and keep sending-you are all part of a privileged association , despite these grim times.


Cetti’s Warbler @ Llandod

The Cetti’s Warbler was relocated (I am assuming it is the same bird from yesterday) in the reed bed between the bird hide and Lakeside Avenue this morning. It can be very shy for long periods of time, but occasionally pops out in view for a second or two. Best way to locate it is to listen for it’s Wren-like ticking call.

much better views today!