Posted by: kevjoynes | December 7, 2016

Pre Xmas nuptials!

Reckon they’re a bit optimistic just ‘cus it’s mild , but a quick snog -tongues and all-  and then on with the fun! Guess that’s why Collared Doves are doing so well.



Posted by: cjparry | December 7, 2016

Little Egret at Llanbadarn-Fawr Bridge

Belated news from yesterday (Tuesday), One seen by Dawn flying along the Ithon and across A483 at about 8.30am.

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 5, 2016

L’dod Lake & Cefnllys

What a contrast! Beautiful yesterday and awful today : crepuscular! Yest. 100 +Canadas on the lake…well ice, plus the hardy wee Tufty and Greylag hybrid. By the lagoon , the Rail ventured briefly onto the ice whilst squealing as if murder was afoot! 5 LT tits graced our feeders, but nothing unusual-the Sprawk continues to drop in , just to say “Hi”to the tits & finches !! We currently have up to 9 Blackbirds on our windfalls-wish some Fieldfares would join in.dsc_0828-copy_edited-1

Posted by: Leafie | December 4, 2016

American Golden Plover @ Llanbadarn Fynydd

One seen with flock of 180 Golden Plovers today at Llanbadarn Fynydd (Radnorshire), SO105807. If you are going to look for the birds, please view only from the road. At times it did disappear, but this field seemed to be the favourite one that the birds were feeding in.


Please also keep a look out for any colour ringed Golden Plover if visiting the area.

Posted by: bazzpugh | December 4, 2016

Starling roost LLandegley.

One has to be imaginative or have a surrealistic bent….but to me I can see a hovering Kestrel….but has been long said it is “In the eyes of the beholder”….We visited last Thursday on the way back from Hereford arrived 3.30 ish._j8a0595 They were just starting to arrive in dribs and drabs…but be aware the majority have moved from the usual roost to one of the small square plantings underneath LLandegley rocks, before the track bends towards farmer Lawrence’s sheds… The planting is barely 100 metres from the track …How on earth 100 thousands of birds manage to roost in about half an acre of planting.. the mind boggles and needs to be seen to be believed…. Like bees swarming…Fab-u-lous!!!! Well worth the trip….Quite a few raptors about.. but they didn’t like the colour of my car. unfortunately not a purposeful murmeration photographically.

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 2, 2016

Back @ Cefnllys.

Lake still frozen 75%, so back to Cefnllys with brief sightings of Martina & Hubby (not on feeders!), plus the usual-Tits, & Marsh x2 ,  Chaffies , Goldfinches ,Greenfinches , Nuthatches, GS Woodies and H. Sparrows ,plus a Treecreeper_dsc9552_filtered-copy-still no sign of Redpolls /Siskins. Think we missed the best , being in the far North…again! Biggest apple harvest ever : resulting in EIGHT Blackbirds scoffing all the windfalls-tons left if the odd Fieldfare cares to drop in. Wonder if they are on the net?



Posted by: Leafie | December 2, 2016

Golden Plover @ Llanbadarn Fynydd

80 seen in a roadside field today, SO105807. Other birds seen included 3 Lapwing, 3 Snipe and 2 Crossbill (flying over).

Posted by: Leafie | December 2, 2016

Golden Plover @ Bwlch-y-Sarnau

120 seen in a roadside field today, SO040752. 2 Kestrels were seen hunting nearby.

Posted by: jbnr | December 1, 2016

Llyn Coed Y Dinas

OK–so in Monts but a good site to visit if you`re around that area. So called in today, good news very few Canada geese, a handful v the 100s I saw there a few weeks back. On pool were lots teal, female shoveler right in front of hide, pintail M&F , wigeon, kingfisher flew across so a nice set of birds on a quick visit. Several cormorants too !


Posted by: Leafie | November 30, 2016

Hen Harrier @ Llanbadarn Fynydd

Ringtail seen today at SO105807, also 40 Golden plover and 10 Lapwing seen.

This is a good spot for Golden Plover, please keep an eye out if passing and also look out for any colour ringed birds. 

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