Posted by: alinrhayader | May 29, 2017

Around the Garden

A quick garden update now spring is well under way.  House Martins arrived late this year but quickly got underway with numerous nests dotted around the estate.  I counted about 40 – 50 birds overhead catching insects in the thundery conditions last night. Have heard one or two Swifts, but those and the Swallows seem to have moved onto breeding sites.

All our 4 boxes are now occupied by House Sparrows with youngsters frequently being fed by their parents around the garden. Both male and female GS woodpeckers are visiting the suet block and taking food back to a nest near the brook – the youngsters can clearly be heard occasionally.  We look forward to their arrival with mum & dad.

We are getting frequent spectacular views of Red Kites seeing off corvids, I suspect young are not far away.  Male and female Blackbird and Blue Tit are also visiting and taking away food.

So, despite a dry spring with some late cold (which has caused havoc with growers), our birds seem to have coped relatively well.

Posted by: Tony Ware | May 28, 2017

Elan Valley

Yet another successful Birdwatching event today, thank you to all those that turned up, lots of birds, plenty of sunshine and unfortunately a few midges to contend with.

A big thank you to Alex for inviting us all over to his wonderful, bird haven of a nature reserve at Llangurig, an excellent afternoon.

Next meeting and final event is on Wednesday, 7th June at 7-00 pm,

All welcome.

Posted by: bazzpugh | May 28, 2017

Great Crested Grebe Llandod lake.

The continuing Saga of the Great Crested Grebe…..After finding a mate… consummating their bond …the female sitting for a couple of days then vanishing (Why, where, how) the distraught male has been sitting on the excuse of a nest( originally the size of a small cow pat)….but since has been built up by a couple of coots and looks more like a nest…The male Grt Crested grebe has kicked the coots off— and as the pic shows Yesterday, is periodically sitting, in between circling the lake painfully calling for his true love or so it seems any love…Ces’t la vie.

The Golf club cuckoo….still evading all and sundry, been up a couple of times, love to get him….but a sky lark singing away on top of a gorse bush will have to do… and just as good.

Posted by: PhilDavies | May 27, 2017

Cuckoo news and more sightings

The same brown cuckoo flew from lake woods over our clubhouse and then spent 10 mins calling in the trees close to our 18th hole, approx 10.45am today. Also, 4 swifts above clubhouse over the last 2 days. Our first Housemartins around clubhouse yesterday. Lots of Mistle Thrush on course last night

Posted by: kevjoynes | May 26, 2017

Rock Park & Golf club.

So no Cuckoo for me! Tried again today:3 times to no avail-just shows how much luck is  involved! Still , got a pair of Stonechats and Linnets up top. Down to Rock park and found a Spotty, but no pics…however here is an insight into Chaffie life! First time in all my (many) years that I have seen a Chaffinch build anywhere save a bush! Mind it’s very wise with all the damn squirrels intent on gobbling the eggs.Guess they were a bit warm today, but surviving o.k. Anyone seen any Spotties , apart from Bazz’s secret hoard as they seem a bit thin?

_DSC1129_filtered copy

_DSC1152_filtered copy

Posted by: PhilDavies | May 25, 2017

Cuckoo at Golf Club

Amazing close up sighting of Cuckoo close to the clubhouse and 18th green this morning.  Was amazed how Raptor like it was in flight, particularly female Sprawk. This Cuckoo was very brown in colour. RSPB website suggests either a young bird or a rufous female. The bird was happy to sit in tree and sing with golfers and myself within 30 yards of it.

Other sightings recently: good numbers of Willow Warblers, Blackcap, Song Thrush, Redpoll. Garden Warbler singing all day close to clubhouse. Whitethroat around 3rd tee.


Posted by: kevjoynes | May 24, 2017

L’dod Lake.

Wow! It’s summer-well…almost.2 Reed Warblers singing non stop by Lakeside and one in the lagoon. Poor old Grebe still growling and doing his best to  fish in the weed festooned water. Still 6 baby Coots.


_DSC1094_filtered copy

_DSC1069_filtered copy

Posted by: bazzpugh | May 24, 2017

Wood warblers where are they!!!!!

Last year… last week in April heard seen and captured……this year not a sign around The Llandod usual haunts i.e the Rock Park, lakeside woods, Cwm brith woods..bankers usually….l know they have been about the Elan for some time, l haven’t seen any  Llandod blog sightings…Is it me going deaf and blind l wonder…no need to answer that!.

Posted by: kevjoynes | May 23, 2017

L’dod Lake.

GC Grebe, back these last few days growling in a vacuum-no sign of a female;male Sprawk circling over the wood; Coot with 6 young still , but no sign of the 8 Moorhen chicks! Reed Warblers singing happily in the sun and a Reed Bunting wheezing its excuse for a song.

Posted by: Tony Ware | May 23, 2017

Birdwatching Walk

Birdwatching Walk this Sunday 28th May.

Elan Valley RSPB Carngafallt. Meet in the Elan Valley visitor centre carpark @ 9-30 am.

All Welcome.

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