Posted by: kevjoynes | July 3, 2015

Heather @ L’dod Lake.

The Muscovey is still around .muskovey at lake

Posted by: Tony Ware | July 1, 2015

Common Scoters

2 Heavily cropped record image taken last night. Common Scoters on Caban Coch reservoir. Birds had gone first thing this morning.

Posted by: Tony Ware | June 30, 2015

Common Scoters Elan Valley

At 5-00 pm tonight, 15 Common Scoters, 14 male and a female on Caban Coch reservoir. Birds still present 9-15 pm.

Posted by: Tony Ware | June 30, 2015

Elan Valley

June summary: At D y m: Breeding birds, noteworthy was Greylag with 4 goslings, Buzzard (3 young), Confirmed breeding of Reed Bunting and Sedge Warbler, Common Sandpiper (1 Chick), the Great Crested Grebe still have 2 Chicks (Humbugs), a second nest was built close to the roadside, but was washed away due to high water levels, and a Redstart and Coal Tit bred in the barn.

Gwaelod: Crossbills 20 (40% juvs) and a Siskin with young.

Toilet Blocks: Top dam Swifts (3 pair) and Claerwen, House Martin (3 pair).

Other Birds: The visitor centre Spotted Flycatchers raised 3 chicks, Curlew with young, 2 juv Herons (21st) Garreg ddu, good numbers of Redstart, Whinchat, Stonechat, Tree Pipit and Song Trush, and it seems Pied Flycatchers are having a late season/brood.

Other notes: More Deer sightings, early today a Roe deer was seen swimming across Caban Coch reservoir, while a Roe deer as been seen at neighbouring valley Gifach.

And finally: Elan Valley Ravens declining ?
Where have all the Blue Tits gone ?
Are Rhayader Swift numbers down ?

Diary date: The next Elan Valley Bird Group meeting: Sunday 12th July, meet 8-30 am at Llanerch car park. to walk to Rhiwnant mine area.

Posted by: bazzpugh | June 25, 2015

Three female Redstart’s.Llandod.

265These are three Different ladies one sitting on eggs at a friend’s house in a bird box.   one pair made their nest in an old gate post near the River Ithon… nearly ready to fledge… and the third in a bird box in Rhyddllandau farm wood, rearing young. The top lady is provocatively showing her underwear !!!!109

131One can recognise by her dishevelled breast feathers she has been sitting on eggs.280

291And the male keeping well out of it!!!

Posted by: kevjoynes | June 16, 2015

Redstarts @ Elan Valley and Pied Flies @ St Harmon

Redstatrs seem to be doing well…hopefully. Here are Mr&Mrs up the Claerwen and a romantic tug of war with M_DSC4098_filtered_DSC3630_filtered_DSC4973_filteredr & Mrs Pied Fly.

Posted by: bazzpugh | June 15, 2015

Pieds, Pieds and more Pieds.Rhyddllanddau Llandod.

016These are two different males both successfully rearing broods now ringed by Carlton and nearly ready to fledge …lovely to see and hear the gentle clicking call of the parents trying to entice the young out of their respective nesting boxes. Now ringed who knows what part of the world they may turn up in the future….also the female mate of second pic of male.102


Posted by: kevjoynes | June 15, 2015

Caban Coch-Craig Goch- Wins for Leafie!

In the wilds above Caban Coch, 3 Mistle thrushes , Redstart family ,Wheatears , Stonechats & Whinchat. Down to normal and Whinchats near Craig goch plus Curlew calling. Past Hirnant , Reed Bunt singing._DSC3216_filtered_DSC4552_filtered_DSC4352_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | June 14, 2015

Rogo & Lake.

Young little Grebe rapidly growing up; Wheatears fully fledged and Stonechats-how time flies! fem Redstart feeding fledged young by lagoon, but Reed Warb still looking…_DSC5487_filtered_DSC5447_filtered_DSC5442_filtered_DSC5429_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | June 12, 2015

A Badger bird!

Here we are again : Badger time on a rare calm , bright evening, post Springwatch , out to see the real thing! Despite the controversy . you have to say they are so cute! Be_DSC5290_filteredfore you complain , they mess up my lawn too, but I forgive them,

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