The Siskin & Redpoll back daily.

I have been watching out for any Long-tailed Tits to visit the feeders, so far no luck.
I have however got both the Siskins and Lesser Redpolls back full time.
Three photos showing the mixture of birds feeding on the Sunflower Chips.

Reed Bunting @ Llandrindod

(via Barry) A male and female reed bunting arrived back in our garden in Woodlands today after an absence of a couple of days; 2 wrens also visited together one smaller than the other and a male and female bullfinch. Lots of blackbirds, blue tits (one less unfortunately due to a regular visiting sparrow hawk), chaffinches and goldfinches.

L’dod lake & Cefnllys

A rather optimistic bat was pointed out to us by Annette Leafe re 1500hrs today as it flickered across the road by the Muscovy ducks-hope it caught something! Redwings up golf course with Fieldfares just past 1st junction  ; Bullfinch in snow yest at Cefnllys ;  plus Wren and Treecreeper pretending to be a Wallcreeper, after his spell searching the floor!

LTTs Cefnllys-avant le deluge!!!

For those surviving with a roof still on! The Long T Tit shown  is exhibiting normal, one- legged behaviour with a large morsel of food- EXCEPT-not only hanging by a leg , but resting his head on a convenient twig! Wot next?

Margot (Seymour) reports 5 Lapwings on Pentrosfa mire yest. Blimey! Good to see we have a few left! Well spotted Margot.Further a healthy Greenfinch at Cefnllys.

Finally , for the sharp eyed : this a.m. as they reported the vile weather from Aberystwyth, 2 Purple Sandpipers fluttered up from their roost on the sea wall , oppo the Crazy golf site-sadly the reporter was more concerned with avoiding being drowned!


Mixed flocks

A single redpoll turned up today and also a single longtailed tit – they must’ve lost their buddies! Also spotted one or two rarities, for me anyway… a couple of house sparrows, wahey! Some chaffinches are getting more colourful now. The song thrush is belting it out every day. Two jays also hung around nearby for a while yesterday, must have been a pair. Two robins getting close & friendly – another pair. Ah well no wonder, Valentines Day is not that far off.

Cefnllys update.

Well, nowt dramatic as weather takes a milder (and of course WET) turn, but our Blackcap is absent for the first time today, Goldcrest likewise, doubtless upset by BREXIT!!! and a male Siskin has turned  up, and  a Song Thrush has mistaken the milder weather for Spring and is singing valiantly and  beautifully,nonstop!Guess he’ll stop at 23:00!!!

Cefnllys /Lake

Well, the foul Jan weather has produced! Our long lost Redpolls return ( sadly just a male and fem) ;the LTTs pop in; the Sprawk does his best (no posing!) ;the Floor /Tree creeper is regular, as is the Goldcrest who refuses to pose; and the Blackcap continues to sample all we offer : apples , fat balls , sunflowerhearts and peanut particles! Down  the lake and the Kingfisher pops up in the reeds -by the lagoon today , but frustrating is not the word! Miles away , even with Nikon’s magic, I can’t produce, so I’ll pop in one from Aber t’other day-by the pier guys , on the rocks, so look out if you visit as we do reguarly.She is scoffing a big Blenny from the rock pools.

L’dod lake

No wonder Brits discuss weather so much! Suddenly we have glorious sunshine! Hence we popped off to Aber ( as all good Doddies do), yesterday and were treated to a lovely fem Kingfisher on the front (pics on Cardi site) catching a Blenny; back home and a pair of Gadwall on the lake, which was only 50% frozen, plus the Goosanders-I’m trying to avoid the Muscovies tho all keep asking re them-no doubt cus they approach every passing human for food! Plus the Heron dropped in-not obliging mind , hence the distant pic (RUBBISH).