Posted by: martinallandod | April 28, 2016

Chilly but lively

Nice morning at the lake with reed buntings, long tailed tits and a pied flycatcher busily foraging among the reeds, house martins skimming the water for insect larvae, great crested grebe and tufties sailing along, black headed gulls squabbling and Her Royal Swanness dozing on her very large nest. Managed to pick out the wood warbler’s song amongst the cacophony of wrens, blackcaps, rooks, chaffinches, willow warblers etc.  Look out for the lovely ladies smock (or cuckoo flower), now in full bloom here and there thanks to the council’s less severe mowing regime.

Posted by: kevjoynes | April 28, 2016

Morning snow!Cefnllys.

What is this weather about?

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Posted by: skylarkmidd | April 27, 2016

Around Llyn cam Newbridge on Wye on Saturday











A short walk produced 5 in No sandpipers (nice to see them back) ….. A pair of mallards……..and a first for me at Llyn cam a single mandarin.

Posted by: bazzpugh | April 27, 2016

Common Sandpiper Lake.

010In between hail, sleet and snow….a couple taken around the lake this A.M….Brrrr 015Tufted Ducks.

Posted by: bazzpugh | April 25, 2016

Otter lake.

One seen at 6.10 am crossing the road from the swamp to the lake…..lake side avenue Llandod ……sighted by one of the local lakeites. Andy Jones…Andy watched it creep out then stop in the middle of the road then it saw Andy and ran across and shot into the lake via the open looks like it’s a regular run….so keep your eyes open around 6.00 am ….ah that’s the catch.

Posted by: bazzpugh | April 25, 2016

Wood Warblers about Lake woods.

Third time lucky, again thanks to Carlton for the Bell, very high up in trees, 028 at least 4 pairs singing this A.M,032Don’t let that blue sky fool you it was cold..Nice to have a visit from Mr and Mrs Bullfinch this A.M taken through the Kitchen window…. no tripod and no wife to lean on. I have put two pics in as they never seem to stand in a line…. always one in focus and one not.106


Posted by: bazzpugh | April 24, 2016

An early bird.

001Went again on a Wood Warbler sortie this time down the Rock Park Llandod ….Not a Peep…025…  came across this Juv Blackbird …it surly must have been laid sometime in February…and of course The gold crest singing away in one of the big conifers adjacent to the Park tea rooms.052




Posted by: kevjoynes | April 24, 2016

Heather blogging.


Heather sent us this pic-but I think it’s a racing pigeon Heather-and the swan now has 3 eggs.

Posted by: Tony Ware | April 23, 2016


Today at least 4 Cuckoo calling, and 3 juvenile Crossbills with 4 adults at Gwaelod.

Elsewhere 2 Cuckoo calling at Llyn Gwyn and a few Hirundines.

Posted by: robin100 | April 23, 2016

Cuckoo @ Nantglas

(via Judith Cornish) Cuckoo calling, Nant Glas this morning.

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