Golf course special! L’dod.

Ravens are always getting a bad press and we are led to believe that the poor old sheep are defenceless at birth time…NOT So! At least not this time! There are always 2 sides! We watched this ewe driving a Raven off over the rise with no trouble ( they are a bit bigger after all!!!). Guess the Raven wanted a bit of afterbirth-no chance! Then we saw a Hare-Chris tells me they are regular up there-course it depends when & where, but this guy was at the first junction. To cap a grand 20 mins, there were 2 Frenchmen (Red legged Partridges) on the sharp bend and a pair of Mistle Thrushes worm hunting on the nearby green.

L’dod Lake 2.

As promised, t’other half of the report, with Marsh Tits and Reed Bunts amidst the lovely marigolds.A pair of Goosanders today plus the Tufties-no Heron-we are hoping that the injured one rescued from a garden yesterday isn’t our old pal! A large and fat (pregnant???) RAT  was observed pottering in the reeds oppo lakeside a.m.Haven’t seen one for ages-fetch pest control! Mistle Thrush singing heartily above the lagoon and a Chiffchaff.Terrapin not looking healthy as he has hardly moved for 3 days.

What a waste of some decent weather with everyone penned in!

L’dod Lake.

The Water Rail is skulking silently,but appears now and then between reeds and Marigolds-not to be outdone by the Bank voles.Blackcap and Chiffchaff singing intermittently and GS Woodpecker hammering out his presence-Sue spotted her second Treecreeper today, as we did our permitted exercise!! Still 4 Tufted Ducks but Goosanders which were present yesterday were missing. The Greylag goose seems to be smitten with a Canada and they share time twixt the pond up the golf course and the lake. Cormorant as per.More on Reed Buntings and Marsh tits tomorrow.

Blackcap update-L’dod.

As promised yesterday herewith the second of our migrants at the lake, although the ‘perimeter fence’ is shrinking  daily and I’m beginning to wonder how long these reports can continue! X your fingers and legs etc guys, or life is going to get rather boring.  A pair of Little Grebes up Rhogo Pool t’other day .The Blackcap pictured was singing with gusto amidst the hazel catkins by the turnstile into Powys HQ.  today , and Chiffchaffs tinkling all around, not to mention the Thrush family and Nuthatches. Mayhap the extra hour tomorrow will bring us a Swallow!!! Well, p’raps a Sand Martin.

Lake & Cefnllys

The Water rail is still with us , tho’ not keen on posing!!! Up here , one of the local Kites and a Peacock  butterfly wondering whether it was a good idea to wake up just yet! Terrapin not in evidence today . Bazz reports a Willow Warb singing at Disserth. Chiffchaffs everywhere all of a sudden and the Blackcaps opening up-more on those tomorrow-providing we have no silly nonsense from the masses of ill -informed “experts”!!!

GC Grebes.

Oblivious to the humans’ gloom and not having to queue outside the chemists, the Grebes were performing on L’dod lake, but they seem to have lost the plot! Or at least he does! Having done all the prelims , cavorting and showing off , he dived and came up with a dirty stick and instead of presenting it , he simply swam off to the middle and then dropped it! She was not impressed!!

Elan Valley Curlews

First foray out to conduct a survey of the Curlew proved to be a good day with nine confirmed sightings and a further two heard, mostly on last year’s nesting areas. Images are of different birds. First time out with extender on lens, giving me an effective 1200mm of reach. Given how foul the weather was, I’m quite pleased with results since many of the sightings were some distance away.

Elan Valley

On a brighter note, in Gwaelod 50+ Crossbills including many young are present, at Pont ar Elan/Hirnant there are at least 15 Curlews, 7 singing Skylarks, 2 pairs of Reed Buntings and Stonechats. On Dolymynach there are 5 Goldeneyes, 2 Little Grebes and Goosanders. 2 pairs of Dippers are back on there breeding grounds, and Chiffchaffs are arriving all over. Sand Martins ?

L’dod Lake today.Click on pic to view.

How contrary is this weather! The birds don’t know where to start! Singing one minute and skulking the next! Never mind the poor Muscovey…how cruel to run off with his wives and leave him! C’mon guys, reunite them PLEASE!!! While you are at it, there’s the bewildered Guinea fowl who seems to think that 4x4s are some relation! Methinks he’s trying to get back where he came from and can’t order a taxi!

Anyway , there were 3 Reed Buntings by the lagoon, Marsh Tits, Nuthatches, the pied Blackbird , Siskins and Moorhens .

L’dod Golf & Lake-yesterday.

A Chiffchaff flitting round by Lakeside-could be early back or late returning to continent! Moorhens and coots as per.A pile of white feathers by lagoon-guessing a Sprawk has nailed the white pigeon or somesuch. Good on Fred who removed the Canada goose carcase .

Up top oppo hole 3 on Golf course, Martina’s Skylarks and 100+ Fieldfares-later moving to field behind the Shetland pony.

L’dod lake-Cefnllys.

After 100 plus posts (Ta Fred)on L’dod Solutions the Muscovies have been removed! Well, they were still trying to trap the third one as we passed. I shall not comment, save to say that most of the “experts”were rather misguided. Grebes o.k.and still a male Tufty,( please note guys, it is NOT a Scaup!!!) , plus Goosanders. I counted 16+ BH Gulls creating the usual cacophony and “King” Swan is at his usual bully boy tactics .

What appears to be a dead goose (upside down) still by the reeds at lakeside end. At Cefnllys not many guests with milder weather, but Marsh tits, LT Tits ,Siskins ,Goldfinches etc. still. We now have daily visits from the Song Thrush  (a pair indeed ) who hides so successfully for months until the breeding season.

Great Crested Grebes @ Llanbwchllyn

(via Will) Hi,
I saw these Grebe displaying at Llanbwchllyn on Tuesday.
One presented the other with some weeds, part of the “weed dance” I gather.
The bit I’m puzzled about is that I read that the sexes are alike so I can
only guess that one of the birds is still in winter plumage. If this is the
case then is it surprising that they are engaged in courtship?
I’m interested to know more about these beautiful birds – any ideas?