ELAN /Claerwen

At last we found some Redwings making a noisy gathering and feeding on Rowans up the Claerwen-re 30+ with just 2 Fieldfares. Hard to guess numbers as they kept moving from tall tree cover down to rowans to gobble a dozen berries and back. Fieldfares didn’t pose!!! Also 4 Jays and a Kestrel.


L’dod Lake.

At last some visitors ! Well only Tufties ( 2 males) and 3 Wigeon ( 2 males and a fem-I think), but it certainly brightens life on a very dull ,if mild day. But thanks to Nigel and his good lady who loaned me the binocs…as per I took mine this morn and didn’t bother pm as nowt about! As ever!!! Great to see the Starnes and the ducks, pretty lifeless otherwise.

Cefnllys & L’dod lake

Lake same with solitary GC Grebe and now a dozen Canadas back. Cefnllys seems to have lost its Swallows at long last-not seen for several days. Usual visitors with Nuthatches con stantly grabbing sunflower seeds and planting them in flower baskets etc. Young Goldfinch pictured ,just showing first red spots on crown if you look carefully! Marsh tit more frequent and Bullfinches showing again after being absent for a while


Sightings today near Llaithduu

Good to see the local Kestrel is still around, seeing it regularly sat on the wires hunting.

This morning saw a few more Redwings on the Rowan trees and this afternoon saw five Fieldfares.

At home, without doubt, the most popular species of bird in our garden is the Tree Sparrow, the fat balls,which they love, having to be topped up regularly. The Siskens are starting to return on the feeders and our two Jays returned this morning too. Male and female Tawny owls are calling most nights from the trees in our garden, I’m guessing the ones that bred the one owlet earlier this year in our owl box.

Mixed flocking has begun

Lots of blue tits, great tits, a nuthatch, a robin, a blackbird, wren and long tailed tit all came rummaging together around the front garden. The borders, shrubs and trees, even the window ledges, were thoroughly checked for food. Then, one by one, they loosely followed one another to the next place. Only the blackbird stayed around for a bit, but it was interesting to watch.


The lake is quite empty-of course we have the 4 discarded Muscovies-how callous! A pair of Tufties – and  thirty male Mallard with re 10 fems. More interesting we still have a solitary G C Grebe-felt rather sorry for it ,as it was doing its growl , as in “Where’s my mate?”Probably off Ynyslas! Nowt new here, save a pair of Ravens over and how I envy Martina with her Grey Wags!

DSC_2101_filtered copy

Cefnllys etc.

Awful weather precludes decent pics-not that there’s much about. A Heron laughing at me at Pont ar Elan yesterday ended a fruitless excursion ; L’dod lake was bare of anything new, but we had a bedraggled Jay at Cefnllys along with the usual stuff-one oddity being the mouse and Blackbird just ignoring each other!

Winter Thrush

Sorry this is a belated post, I’ve been having trouble with my computer. A week last Friday, above Bettws Mill in small copse on top of hill a flock of approx 100 Field Fares with a few Red Wings in tow flew out of the conifer copse and headed north east. As i have not seen any since, I consider these passers. Steve Hammond was also with me and sighted the same, we were on a bike ride.

Cefnllys & Lake

Here we are again post  our hols! Not much about-just a single GC Grebe on L’dod lake and a Heron-I won’t comment on the dumping of more Muscovies…speechless! Up Cefnllys still a family of at least 4 Swallows enjoying the late sunshine  ,Marsh Tit and Nuthatches and various youngsters : Collared  doves, Goldfinches and a Bullfinch for Sue to clarify her earlier image-they do look odd without a hat! Quite a display of Butterflies today-more on them later.


Cefnllys etc.

The lake is losing its lovely display as the non existent summer fades ; the Purple Loosestrife is still trying to convince us! Grebes still good and Canadas have vanished temporarily ; Plenty of Sand Martins and Swallows skimming the surface. Our leucistic birds still with us : Coal Tit and Chaffinch as are the young Great spotted Woodpeckers and hordes of House Sparrows!