Posted by: kevjoynes | August 30, 2016

Sparrow time @ Cefnllys

We have a thriving colony of these guys round the garden-a dozen plus and more down the road, Here is a juvenile and dad-the latter has been knicking someone’s blackcurrants.

_DSC1070 copy_filtered copy

_DSC1090 copy_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 28, 2016


Missed one from yesterday, as the Swallows enjoyed a rare break and here’s a Nutty exploring the crevices. Good to catch up with Martina at the lake today and swap anecdotes . Oh where is that summer?

_DSC1086 copy_filtered

_DSC0902 copy_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 27, 2016

Hirundine Time @ Cefnllys.

Yes, sadly , it’s definitely getting towards THAT  time: Swallows and House Marts ( No , not Amazons ) gathering on the wires, excitedly twittering away as if it was all a great  adventure , rather than a  perilous journey. Hope they make it and come back next year.




Last pic shows young Swallows trying out tree perches with little success!

Posted by: solarsolutionsfountains | August 26, 2016

goldcrests doing humming bird impression..

I love goldcrests… I know they are very common but it’s so hard getting a photo of them hovering!

IMG_4750 copy



IMG_4751 h

Posted by: solarsolutionsfountains | August 26, 2016

hobby above Llangurig

been trying to see one here for ages and finally got lucky this morning..IMG_4907bcx


Posted by: kevjoynes | August 26, 2016

Sprawk @ Cefnllys

Well, my ole buddy is back! Never see him in the breeding season ; always wonder if I’m going to see him again , but here we are-got to be eleven at least.Those eyes are ripe orange now-pity he looks so flipping scruffy , but a few weeks should get him back to smart. Anyway , I’ll give up a Blue Tit or two , to  be blessed with his presence.

DSC_9385_filtered copy

DSC_9414_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 24, 2016

Cormorant @ L’dod lake.

Well, we have one back already ! Reed Warbs still with us , but going about their business very quietly now. A brief interlude with very few Canadas- only 6 . At Cefnllys, a Nuthatch playing ‘catch’ with a bit of peanut-pretty clever I must say.

_DSC0888 copy_filtered


Posted by: robin100 | August 24, 2016

Sparrowhawk @ Llandod

(via Liz & Bryan Edwards) Sparrowhawk captured perched in our garden yesterday. Thanks to Colin next door for the photos!

Posted by: robin100 | August 24, 2016

Hobby @ Bleddfa

(via Ralph Slaney) Yesterday  morning at about 11.00. Bothering the house martins over the garden.

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 23, 2016

L’dod lake.

shortage of birds , but the lake’s looking good.



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