Brambling@Nant Glas

Brambling today at bird feeders with the Chaffinches. Also two Long Tailed Tits, first ones this year, wondered where they had got to.

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The return of the Plover

Up on Llanbister common this morning a flock of Golden Plover flew in over my head. around 20-25 individuals.


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L’dod Lake in the snow.

Well mini beast from the East  has passed ..almost and things seem to survive : Water Rails fine ; Shoveler back; Gadwall pair o.k.; Grebes performing with gusto ; Reed Bunts fine and Marsh Tits thriving . Guess everyone’s  food contribution helps.

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Unusual visitors

Having just seen the two threads regarding Reed Bunting in the gardens, we too have had one in the garden here in Llanyre. I have never seen one in the garden before. It has been around for about a week now. The other bird of note is the Bramling (up to four) that have been in, they are among the Chaffinches.

The starlings are noted by their absence, the majority flew last week with just a couple of stragglers remaining. (The bird food bill should go down!!)

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Reed Bunting

Interesting – only the 2nd Reed Bunting we’ve ever had on our feeder today at Erwood – a female

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Sunday 18th.

Surprised to see a reed bunting in the honeysuckle right outside my front window, adjacent to Llandrindod rugby pitch. Lots of goldfinch and siskin. Hen robin in brood attire not amused with the cold weather!DSCF2724.jpg

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Snowy day

What a surprise today to have such a severe day for our birds.  Plenty of photography opportunities around the feeders though.


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