A confused bat!

Last week while chatting to a friend by Llandrindod Lake he drew to my attention a fluttering on the path which at first looked like a small, moving clump of damp and frosty bundle of leaves.  I then realised it was in fact a bat.  I looked closely expecting it to be injured but it was unharmed.  I took it home with me and after taking some photos I placed it in an empty nest box and hoped for the best.  On checking in the morning it had flown, I am pleased to say.

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H.M.S Goldcrest.

That great 60’s hit by Englebert Humperdinck comes to mind “PLEASE  RELEASE ME”.

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Cefnllys…also belated!

Rare visitors these days: one LTT briefly ; 2 Redpolls and 2 Siskins-they were gone after a short feed.

DSC_6303 copy_filtered

DSC_6669 copy_filtered

DSC_6697 copy_filtered

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DSC_6553_filtered copyThings have been so hectic this week! Sorry , but this one’s from Thurs up the valley and I still have another from Friday! Still , could be worse : like nothing!! So, we had Herons on the field just before  the Elan Hotel; 3 Goldeneye on Dolymynach ; several Buzzards on the poles and rocks; but best of all , a Peregrine back on the old eyrie above the VC. Hope he decides to nest again like the old days. Apart from a few Fieldfares round Hirnant , that was it.Probably new fencing  work on the favoured fields up the Claerwen has scared the Thrushes off for now.

DSC_6548_filtered copy

DSC_6573_filtered copy

DSC_6508_filtered copy


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Redpoll only one left.

Just the one left now Female Redpoll…we did have half a dozen till a week ago …..plenty of siskins and goldfinches still about. A pair of very smart bullfinch feeding on the purple loosestrife seed stems around the lake margins near the overflow. Gadwall and shoveler still around  forming a nice little trio seem to like each others company quite close today near the beach area. good views of the water rail lagoon area.l


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A new visitor to the Patch LLandod.

A very welcome visitor he’s been around  for a week or so….following the siskins and downing the nyjer seed like no to-morrow…..(insectivorous) not this one… a Veggie… and looking good on it.

Fixing me with those beady little eyes.

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L’dod Lake 2

Amazing! Returned for another walk later and now 4 Goosanders and the Gadwall pair: now where were thy hiding with nowhere to hide? Must have flown back in.

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DSC_6940 copy_filtered copy

DSC_6907 copy 2_filtered copy

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