Posted by: kevjoynes | August 28, 2015

Cormorants on L’dod Lake …again.

Oh dear! We now have FOUR! Gawd help the Perch! A few Sand Martins over the lake , 4 Tufties  and a Whinchat ,plus several Stones and one Wheatear  up the Rhogo . Would someone please ask the deities to shift that damn jetstream back where it’s s’posed to be!!!_DSC8927_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 27, 2015

Cormorants again.

After another spot of Osprey watching yesterday  , this was a bit of a comedown today @ L’dod lake! There are now 3 Cormorants and watching one catch 3  1/4 pound Perch in 5 mins , I began to wonder how long they intend to stay! The Goosanders and Grebes are nowhere near so efficient. H_DSC8919_filtered_DSC8933_filteredere we see one adding some nutrients to the lake!!!

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 25, 2015

Finches @ Cefnllys etc.

Nothing exciting now, save the odd visit from the Sparrowhawk : Chaffinches , Greenfinches and the odd Goldfinch , plus 2/3 Siskins and the Bullfinches-   a _DSC8250_filtered_DSC8206_filteredcouple of youngsters popping in at last. Nuthatches, Jay  and GS Woodies as per. All learning to swim!!!

Posted by: bazzpugh | August 24, 2015

Shirley to the rescue.

Via Shirley :-… Shirley noticed a swan in distress on Llandrindod  lake It must have been the pen with the cygnet as the cygnet seemed to be following and pecking at the pens leg…on closer sighting noticed some fishing line and apparatus tightly wound around the swans leg….with the help of Colin from the cafe they managed to catch the bird and found a fishing hook deeply embedded in the leg sinew…they managed to untangle and pull the hook out and released the swan who seemed none the worse…Well done to both….it could have been a real problem if not been sighted early.

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 24, 2015

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in L’dod!

A report via Carole Taylor that one was on feeders last week (re 10th or 12th) in Maple Ridge terrace. Lucky folk!!

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 20, 2015


Well, I have waited 20+ years since we last saw one of these up here! L_DSC8511_filtered_DSC8624_filteredovely. A youngster by the beak, I think. Plus 2 Cormorants on the platform @ L’dod Lake.

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 19, 2015

L’dod Lake

This is to remind you of how it looks in the sun-in case we don’t see it again! No sign of Caroline’s yellow Warbler.DSC_7552

Posted by: Tony Ware | August 16, 2015

Elan Valley Bird Group

9-00am – 1-00pm ” A Perfect Morning For Birding ”

30 different bird species were recorded: Swallow (75+), Siskin (50+), House Martin (50+), Linnet (30+), Starling (30+), Crossbill (12+), Carrion Crow (10), Raven (10), Pied Wagtail (10), Meadow Pipit (10+), Buzzard (10), Red Kite (8), Wheatear (6), Willow Warbler (4), Song Thrush (3). Other birds included a pair of Kestrels, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Blue Tit, Spotted Flycatcher, Wren, Stonechat, Whinchat, Dunnock, Redstart, Skylark, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Goosander and a Great Crested Grebe.

Posted by: Tony Ware | August 16, 2015

Golden Plovers

Late news: Thurs 13th Golden Plovers (2) upon Lluest Abercaethon, Elan Valley.

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 16, 2015

Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff-Xanthe!

Carol Taylor spotted a bright yellow warbler opposite the lagoon @ L’dod Lake this a.m. It is possibly a rare variation of the above (Xanthe meaning “Blonde”) , with yellow rather than the usual green pigment. Keep a lookout folks , as it has been spotted earlierthis month too.

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