Bramblings, Redpolls and Goldfinches

A good day bird watching in our garden this morning. At the same time we had 7 bramblings, 8 goldfinches and 2 lesser redpolls under/on our birdtable/feeders. We are receiving daily visits from a small family of long tail tits, male and female bullfinches, a large number of blue tits not to mention the blackbirds, woodpecker, doves and pidgeons. They are eating me out of house and home but it is a pleasure!!!!!!

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One reported by Margot Seymour on the mire yesterday.

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Starlings Friday at Llandegley

Finally went to see the starling murmuration on Friday near Llandegley, what a treat!

We had a super sunset thrown in for good measure.

Thanks to Richard for showing us a good spot to view the spectacle.


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Greedy Goosies!

Fun at L’dod Lake as folk hurl loads of bread in and Mrs Goosander grabs half a cob-as per the hapless bystanders hoping to rob her give chase! They went right round the island and back , but she hung on!

DSC_6920_filtered copy

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Lapwing @ Elan Valley

I was surprised to see a flock of 35 Lapwings flying west over the Craig Goch reservoir today. They attracted the attention of a Peregrine, which managed to single one of them out, but couldn’t catch it despite several attempts. There were also 30 Fieldfare there, mixed in with a flock of 150 Starling which were feeding in the sheep fields.

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Goshawk @ Crossgates

One whizzed over the garden today, causing havoc among the local birds. Later in the day the good weather encouraged the raptors to come out. A Sparrowhawk and numerous Red Kites and Buzzards were seen soaring over the house.

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Winter visiting finches

Following on from Kev’s recent Norwegian ringed Brambling, yesterday in my garden in Howey I had a male Siskin carrying an Estonian ring. It was amongst a number of Siskin and Lesser Redpoll visiting our feeders.

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