Posted by: Tony Ware | March 22, 2017

And More Fieldfares.

Elan Valley 50+ Fieldfare this afternoon/early evening, passing through Hirnant/Pont ar Elan.

Posted by: kevjoynes | March 22, 2017

Newbridge Waxies et al.

Well, I’m delighted to say they are still here and tonight indeed I counted 41!!! Where do they hide?  I spent a large amount of the day waiting and saw nothing save 5/6 flying past ,but patience finally rewarded . A bit of excitement yesterday when a fem Sprawk launched an assault , but very half hearted.They are BIG,when you are used to just the males.

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_DSC2530_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | March 21, 2017

Newbridge Swallow.

Waiting for Waxies-being VERY uncooperative thanks to the bolshy individual depicted by Bazz (Double Green),I was delighted to see a Swallow zipping round the house at the junction-my first this year. More to follow anon.

Posted by: jbnr | March 21, 2017

Sand Martins @ L`dod lake

This afternoon despite heavy wet sleet / snow saw 4 or 5 Sand martins flitting over lake @ 15:30 approx. Good luck to them , not the most welcoming of weather !

Posted by: bazzpugh | March 21, 2017

Waxwing update Newbridge.

Just a single on the apples Brynwern turn….started hailing like mad ….bird took to the trees …then after another hail onslaught took to the wing and headed East 10.30 to 11.30.

Posted by: bazzpugh | March 21, 2017

Great Crested Grebes LLandrindod wells lake.

Needs no words except GOOD LUCK.  Mid day Today.


Posted by: steeejones | March 21, 2017


My first this year on the rocks the other side of Claerwen river from the carpark. A pair of Stonechat and 20 Meadows Pipit also there. At Dolymynach 6 Goldeneye (3 pairs) with the males throwing their heads back in display. 6 Mandarin still, 2 Greylags and a Grey Heron.

Posted by: Tony Ware | March 20, 2017


Elan Valley: High water levels, dams in all there full glory.

Highlights today include 5 Wheatear down Claerwen valley, and a surprise find was an Oystercatcher flying around Dolymynach.

Posted by: Tony Ware | March 20, 2017


At least 5 pairs of Stonechat on the common today, other birds included, pairs of Reed Bunting and Kestrel, a single Heron flew over.

Posted by: bazzpugh | March 19, 2017

Aggresive waxwing Newbridge on Wye.

I know, I know, I know, enough is enough….but this waxwing “fatty” must be called.. he would not let any of the other birds get near any of the apples, he would perch on one of the apple sticks happily munching away then as soon as  any other bird would alight on any other stick he would fly at them with a vengeance… if he ( I believe it’s a he no female could ever be so aggressive Ha Ha) carries on like this he will never be able to make the long flight home…”PLOP” !!!.  I wonder if any other viewers, birders have noticed this behaviour.  A few too many anys.!!!

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