Posted by: kevjoynes | June 18, 2017

Sunshine birds @ Cefnllys.

From one extreme to the other! What a country! Anyway , here’s a Chiffchaff sunbathing,one of our Kites floating on air and just for Martina, a Sparrow. Well , sometimes I feel sorry for them…sometimes.

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_DSC1801 copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | June 15, 2017

A late Elan report.

What with dog sitting and babysitting and bad weather it’s been very difficult to escape! However last week I came across a remarkable duo: not far from the VC , a pair of Redstarts nesting directly opposite a pair of Pied flies on the same tree trunk! Not 2 feet apart. Moreover, there was scarcely any friction-just the odd flutter.Apart from that we scarcely saw a bird-one of those days. Couldn’t even find a single Curlew.

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No, not missing a leg: she was just resting.

Posted by: alinrhayader | June 12, 2017


A bat hunting by the entrance to Rock Park outside the Gwalia is hardly unusual,  but at 3 o’clock this afternoon in broad daylight??! Observed for a good 15 minutes from the office window today!

Be interested to know from people far more knowledgeable how unusual this is and what might cause this behaviour… Over to you!


Posted by: alinrhayader | June 12, 2017


Hardly notable over winter, but a Starling at this time of year is very unusual in our garden, but one has been visiting regularly over the last week. It isn’t using the feeders,  instead probing the lawn for grubs / worms etc.

Also a fine male Greenfinch was a good spot recently given their recent issues.

The garden is teaming with birds and we clocked over 20 different species using it last week for the first time, with many youngsters.  Very exciting,  but the bird food bill is going through the roof!

Posted by: kevjoynes | June 9, 2017

Home territory.

Chatting to lovely L’dod Pete today and both noted the sudden influx of birds to feeders this week -particularly Jays ! Relatively cheap previously and now the feeders are being emptied-anyone who still thinks feeding is not necessary, GET FEEDiNG .Presumably it’s to do with fledging of the young ,  Anyway, on the lake we have 3 GCGrebes and 6+ Tufties  . A family of Reed Warbs by Lakeside and Coots doing o.k. tho Moorhens seem to have succumbed to either Gulls or Mink preds. Up here , Bullies , a very smart Redpoll, loadsa Sparrows ( sorry M! ) , Green & Gold plus young , Blackbirds and Song Thrush  and GS Woodies with young.

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Posted by: Tony Ware | June 8, 2017

Birding Events.

Yesterday evening saw the final Elan Valley birding event this year, all the events were a great success, thank you to all of you who came along, I would like to thank Alan, Lee, Kris, Dominic, Polly, Alex and Sally for all there support, some of the highlights for me was a Goshawk above the visitor centre car park, Rob finding that Grasshopper Warbler at Craig Goch and those parachuting Tree Pipits, at times the bird songs from our summer visitors in the woodlands was quite spectacular, other birds included Green Woodpecker, Siskins, Redpolls and excellent views of a singing juvenile male Crossbill at Garreg Ddu, Cormorant, Mandarin, Goosander, 2 Common Sandpiper on Claerwen dam, also down Claerwen a Dipper feeding its young at the nest at such close quarters was amazing, there were lots of Cuckoos about, and a Buzzard on her nest, which now has 2 growing fast youngsters on board, and Stock Doves were everywhere,

Keep Birding 🙂

Posted by: Alexsally | June 8, 2017

Mystery owl

A couple of weeks ago , Jackdaws were nesting in a box near my house. (well I’m pretty sure they were?) . Now it looks like something else is in there. I saw mum going in yesterday and thought it was after the jackdaw chicks and now this 🙂




Posted by: javrich | June 8, 2017

Grey wagtail juvenile

This youngster went the wrong way from the river and ended up in the garden.DSC_4944 (2).jpg

Posted by: bazzpugh | June 7, 2017

Canada Goose!!!! Llandod Lake.

This odd character has been on the lake now for a few days….I do not believe he’s a cross hybrid, unlike the others that come periodically i.e Canada X Greylag….He/she looks Leucistic to me.. Black legs.. normal Canada plumage…..but always ready to be corrected.

Posted by: martinallandod | June 7, 2017

Rare Sparrows in Llandrindod

I  know this isn’t mind blowing to most of you, but I saw 4 House Sparrows on the peanut feeder today – the largest number I have ever seen together in my garden. Who gets more of these ‘rarities’?

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