Posted by: robin100 | November 25, 2017

Sparrowhawk @ Llandrindod

One flew over Grosvenor Road this morning.

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 23, 2017

Lake & Cefnllys

As amazing as Tony’s Swallow and just as late: hooray! Powys have cut the hedges round the lake and we can see the birds again!!! Just the usual 7/8 Goosanders and the Cormorant…and the LBBgull.

Equally amazing was the p.m. sunshine-wow! Treecreeper,Goldfinches, Nuthatch and Greenfinches, plus the usual array of tits and a Jay. Delighted to see a Sprawk back! Can’t tell yet if it’s my old mate-haven’t processed the pics.

DSC_3667_filtered copy

DSC_3455_filtered copy

Posted by: Tony Ware | November 22, 2017


Surprised to see a very late Swallow, flying low over Rhayader town late afternoon.

Posted by: Tony Ware | November 22, 2017

Otters, Salmon and Dippers.

Appalling weather conditions today, but we went ahead with our planned salmon watch on the River Marteg at Gilfach, and we were not disappointed, the leaping salmon were giving us excellent views, in the distance an Otter put in a brief appearance, apparently there were 2 showing well yesterday.

Due to the heavy rain and strong winds, the birds were keeping a low profile, a flock of 50+ Finch type species flying over the trees, by the main road were unrecognizable, others include 6 Pheasants, 3 Dippers and a single Kestrel.

Posted by: Tony Ware | November 22, 2017


Elan Valley

At least 2 birds present, flying between the row of cherry trees on the right side of the road, approaching the v c, and over to the houses in Elan village.

Posted by: martinallandod | November 22, 2017

Long Tailed Tits

Around 10 cute little ‘lollypops’ busily jostled for space on our peanut hanger at Gorse Farm for about a minute, and then they were gone with the wind.

Posted by: robin100 | November 22, 2017

Merlin @ Howey

(via Martin Jones) Yesterday pm watched a Merlin chasing a Jay out of the garden. Then, continued the chase back into the garden when the Merlin was set upon by two other Jays and a Magpie. The aerial display lasted about a minute. Luckily, we had guests visiting us for the first time in our new house and, together with the buzzards, kites and a sparrowhawk trying to land on the ‘sparrowhawk feeder’ by the window, were most impressed with the whole thing!

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 21, 2017

Bramblings @ Cefnllys.

A couple more from the other day as 2 stayed on-gone now, not that I could see them when it’s twilight all day!!!

DSC_3395_filtered copy

DSC_3383_filtered copy

Posted by: Leafie | November 21, 2017

Hawfinch @ Llandod

(via Silvia) One heard flying over the bus station around midday today.

Posted by: bazzpugh | November 19, 2017

Whitethroat Montpelior LLandrindod Wells.

...Via Carole Taylor…….Carole sighted this Common Whitethroat in her garden Montpelior Park LLandod Mid day. must have lost his /Her way on return migration south……….and a big thanks to Dorothy Baynam (living opp Carole) for taking this FABULOUS picture and E mailing to me…. Well done both.¬†

Posted by: johnwilliamswildlifeandlandscapephotography | November 17, 2017


On the way back from Radnor forest this morning i went through St Harmon when i seen these two kites sat in a tree. The adult was ringed in 2009 and the other one could be E3’s young from this year.

Then as i went upto the Clywedog i seen a few stonechat in the grass below the road. I managed to get a couple of nice pictures of a male.

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 17, 2017

Cefnllys etc.

Like Martina , we are currently being eaten out of house and home-not complaining mind as it’s the major source of entertainment! 8+ Goldfinches today ; 3 Marsh Tits ; a Treecreeper ; a Jay and 2 Magpies ; one GS Woodpecker ;3 Bullfinches (2 males) and 4 Greenfinches, plus the usual horde of tits.Oh! Forgot the Song Thrush, hunting invertebrates.

Yesterday the lake had 6 Goosanders (3+3) and the Grebes have definitely gone on vacation-that’s where ringing has its uses-would love to know if they are off Borth with all the others.

_DSC2474_filtered copy_edited-1

_DSC2465_filtered copy_edited-1

Posted by: martinallandod | November 17, 2017

Bullfinch at last

I was chuffed to see a lovely male bullfinch in the garden yesterday, it’s been ages. Things are hotting up at the feeders: masses of coal tits, marsh tits, robins, dunnocks, blue and great tits, blackbirds, wood pigeons, and the odd goldfinch, chaffinch or sparrow are eating us out of house and home and we can hardly keep up with it. Perhaps I should get a job again ūüôā

Posted by: johnwilliamswildlifeandlandscapephotography | November 16, 2017


About 10 crossbills seen eating and preening in a beech tree in Radnor forest. Also a few shots of the same buzzard in Radnor forest too.

Posted by: Leafie | November 15, 2017

Long-eared Owl @ Llanbadarn Fynydd

Adult trapped and ringed during the very early hours of this morning, while out trapping and ringing waders. Despite the habitat looking very good for these birds along the ‘top road’, this is the first time I’ve seen one up here!


LEO2(Photos taken by Silvia)

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 14, 2017

L’dod Lake

Liz Edwards was delighted to spot a Kingfisher flying to the island yesterday.

Posted by: johnwilliamswildlifeandlandscapephotography | November 14, 2017


I caught up with a group of about 20-30 fieldfare up near Bwlch Y Sarnau Yesterday. Also a nice juvenile red kite. There was no sign of the Shrike today but it can be like that sometimes.

Posted by: bazzpugh | November 10, 2017

Fieldfare Rhogo.

Managed to catch up with a small flock¬† (12 ish) a little closer… I think they must be getting pretty desperate the shortage of berries about…..Rhowan no signs,¬† ¬† holly scarce,¬† ¬†thankful for hawthorn, but diminishing by the day.

Posted by: jamesb25 | November 9, 2017

Out of County – Venus Pool

Just a bit of a heads up—went with Don Slimming to above which is a reserve 6 miles SE of Shrewsbury.

Fabulous place, two lakes and a large field of wildlife bird cover crop all under ownership Shropshire Ornitholgical Soc. Very well worth a visit; on a very wet Tuesday saw c 500 greylag/ Canada geese. Teal, wigeon, gadwall, shoveller, shelduck, snipe, lapwing, great crested grebe, little egret, heron. In arable field with marvellous hedges, yellowhammer, reed bunting, chaffinch, redwing, greenfinch. With 4 good bird hides it`s a great place and Don and I will certainly go again.

Posted by: johnwilliamswildlifeandlandscapephotography | November 9, 2017

Great grey shrike

Yesterday I seen my first great grey shrike of the year. Its likely to be the same bird ive seen for the last few years here. It was near the Pistyll quarry on the road between the Waen and Prysgduon. Also seen a cracking young buzzard earlier in the day on Cwm Hir Bank which is between St Harmon’s and Nantmel.

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 9, 2017

Brambling Cefnllys

Much to my delight a small flock of Bramblings turned up on Tues and we still have remnants today ( we were in Aber all day yesterday).Round the lake in L’dod and now 5 Goosanders-1 fem. BUT…no sign of GCgrebes unless they were hiding?


DSC_2780_filtered copy

DSC_2372_filtered copy

DSC_2827_filtered copy



Posted by: robin100 | November 9, 2017

Golden Plover @ Llanbister Common

(via Brian Scott) Walking Harry (The Dog) on the common this morning a large flock of Golden plover flew overhead.

Posted by: robin100 | November 9, 2017

Gilfach RWT Event 19/11/17


Posted by: Simon Allen | November 7, 2017

Cyffylog / Woodcock @ Llansteffan, Wye

single bird flying east away from valley south of church

Posted by: robin100 | November 6, 2017

Kingfishers @ Llandrindod 

(via Martin Jones) Two kingfishers seen near Lover’s Leap, lunchtime today.

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 6, 2017

Elan Valley

Pleasant early on which enticed us up the valley, but nary a Winter Thrush to be seen. However, the Little Grebe performed at Dolymynach with a young trout ( I think), a Dipper just up from the VC, tho distant and finally a pair of Stonechats near Pont ar Elan. Remaining haws rapidly vanishing, so those thrushes are about.

DSC_2251_filtered copy

DSC_2172_filtered copy

DSC_2332_filtered copy

DSC_2349_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 4, 2017

Back to reality…

Cefnllys produced the first Yellowhammer for YEARS! Delight! The lake still sports 4 Wigeon pm( they commute a.m. ) ,and  the 3 remaining GC Grebes. Wish we could tell which parent has left for Ynyslas etc. The remaining one still doing duty , but one at least of the youngsters is very independent now.A Goldcrest by the lagoon.

DSC_1651_filtered copy


DSC_1762_filtered copy

DSC_1847_filtered copy

DSC_2050_filtered copy


Posted by: robin100 | November 3, 2017

Short-eared Owl@ Gorllwyn

(via elwyn73) Parked up in the layby across from the gateway for Gornoeth forestry plantation early this morning . Walked the lane round towards Gors wen with the Chwerfri brook on my right, a Dipper flew downstream in the first haze of dawn, small birds were feeding in the oaks overhanging the lane, a mixed party long tailed tits, chaffinches , blue tits a few siskins and nuthatches, but a Lesser spotted woodpecker amongst them made my day , the first I have seen in many years. Past Gors wen there are two small plantations before the gate onto the open hill , I could see crows wheeling and cawing and as I drew near a Female Goshawk lifted out of the purple moor grass , I walked to the spot it had lifted from beside the plantation and found a mass of feathers that had once been a hen pheasant. Out onto the hill and up to Y Gamriw over looking the dams to the west a Short eared owl was sitting on a wayfair marker, watched him for some time before he flew of over the peat hags. On the high ground I flushed 21 Snipe from the tussocks, near the summit of Gorllwyn found a flock of approx 150 Golden plover enjoying the weak morning sunshine. Despite their calls of alarm they tolerated my presence that was till a fox came by and they beat a retreat towards Esgairganol , now with little wind, on the fox came , I am not one of those who feel foxes are just misunderstood but as he came within a short distance of where I sat there was no denying he was in his prime , then he realised his mistake and was gone like a red flame , full speed over the brow of the hill, a proper hill fox, bet he has never tasted Kentucky fried chicken from a dustbin!

Posted by: kevjoynes | November 3, 2017

L’dod lake.

Yesterday was quite odd-another fem. Goldeneye very briefly and ditto tufted duck.Later 2 Wigeon turned up and a further 2 at Carregwibber. One of the adult GC Grebes seems to have left,but the remaining parent still with offspring.Anne Morgan has also heard the Water Rail by the lagoon.Finally, a bird in the hand: one dazed blue Tit in our porch-flew off after a few mins.

DSC_1482_filtered copy


DSC_1461_filtered copy



Posted by: PhilDavies | November 2, 2017

Merlin @ Pilleth

Merlin yesterday flying low alongside road just opposite turn to Pilleth Church. Second Merlin in a few days, also saw one between Dolfor and Newtown.

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