Posted by: bazzpugh | April 21, 2017

Sandwich tern Llandod lake.

Prompted by a call from Carole  Taylor I hastened up only to meet Carole to tell me it’s gone…. was on the Dragon but…..l went around by the big oak and did manage a brief sighting before it and a hundred BH gulls lifted and did not return….ah well there’s always tomorrow.

Posted by: kevjoynes | April 21, 2017

L’dod Lake.

A dull day weatherwise, but our first ducklings hit the news! 10 or more! Try counting ’em! Ma has her wings full…sad , but I doubt if many will survive-the gulls will see to that-or the Heron-or the Crow etc.

Plus-young Moorhens saw daylight too-pretty early! Meanwhile the Reed Warb belts out his song and the Reed Bunts are still here…nesting?

_DSC5996_filtered copy

I’m winnin!!!

_DSC5988_filtered copy

_DSC5952_filtered copy

Posted by: Tony Ware | April 21, 2017

Bird Walk.

Birdwatching walk this weekend, Sunday 23rd.

Elan Vally RSPB Carngafallt, meet in the Elan Valley visitor centre carpark 9-30 am.

All welcome.

Posted by: Alexsally | April 21, 2017

why we need to cherish our birds :(

I’ve been doing a bit of birding at my little nature patch in llangurig. Watching the returning curlews and looking out for the hobbies 🙂

It looks like this is coming to a bit of a sad end though as plans have been passed to put a road and windfarm through the nesting site. I (wrongly) thought that the law would protect our birds, especially something as precious as the curlew. Turns out that is not the case sadly. The developers have been “allowed” to net a badger sett, net a hedge, and they refuse to accept the presence of nesting birds. I guess this is a salutory tale about how we need to defend what we have. I don’t want to post an off topic or political post but I know some of you will want to know what’s going on with our local wildlife. The site ,which is upland/ moorland is likely supporting other treasures that we see in Radnorshire but it very un-surveyed. If you know the area, one of the people in the village has a facebook page about it called Save the Badgers from Bryn Blaen Windfarm

If anyone fancies a reccy of what is nesting in the area before they start, this weekend is free 🙂


Posted by: kevjoynes | April 20, 2017


Popped back p.m. and managed a couple of ragged shots.oppo Lakeside._DSC5868_filtered copy

_DSC5876_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | April 20, 2017

Reed Warbler.

Back at L’dod Lake today-plus the Greylag and the cross. Poor old GCGrebe groaning and grumbling away-love to know what happened.

Posted by: Tony Ware | April 20, 2017


Elan Valley

At least 6 Whinchats moving through this morning, between Pont ar Elan and Craig Goch.

Posted by: kevjoynes | April 19, 2017

Elan 2.

Hoping to catch up with the migrants today and first off a Cuckoo going non stop above Cnwch wood;  Willow Warbs everywhere ;next Pied Flies inspecting boxes and singing; then Redstarts by the Elan  bridge. Past Craig Goch and Curlew singing ,with the final jewel , just after we met Tony and Tess, beyond Hirnant, 2 WHINCHATS! Apologies for pic : they were 60+ yards away!

_DSC5732_filtered copy

_DSC5739_filtered copy

_DSC5793_filtered copy

_DSC5835_filtered copy

Posted by: Tony Ware | April 19, 2017


Elan Valley

First record of a Cuckoo calling today, not far from the visitor centre.

Posted by: kevjoynes | April 19, 2017

Elan-click pic for larger image.

_DSC5683_filtered copyThings starting to warm up! Saw 8 Wheatears twixt Ceredigion border and Pont ar Elan yesterday, tho unlike Bazz , am still waiting for a Redstart.Pied Wags on the dam.Note different colours on Wheatears.

_DSC5714_filtered copy

_DSC5425_filtered copy

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