Posted by: skylarkmidd | August 7, 2017

Odd one out

Not Radnor……but anyway!….. just walking around Caernarfon airport perimeter (as you do) and came across this little fellow ……not sure at first but then his mates turned up and it all became clear!……..however they did seem rather reluctant to have him too close…..raptor target practice I would have thought!!!…. hope he survives!!

Posted by: jbnr | August 7, 2017

Feeling Autumnal ?

Well—hasnt been feeling very summery at all recently. Yesterday 12 house martins gathering on phone line and not much sign of swifts about in evening. A little bit of a robin song too this morning. But some good bird success in our garden swallows, house martins, swifts all nested. As did spotted flycatchers, real treat the other evening when five were doing hunting flights from an oak tree, truly magical. Also grey wagtail, greenfinches (although sadly cat got some of young), blackbirds and wood pigeons. And no doubt the other commoner garden bird species. So all in all good. Reading excellent book Say goodbye to the cuckoo` kindly loaned to me by Mr Don Slimming-- I highly recommend it

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 6, 2017

Cefnllys-climate change???

Whatever happened to the GB summer??? 12 degrees, bitter winds and very little sun, whereas the Med is suffering extremes of heat…40 degrees etc-hey, what IS THAT? Meantime , it’s SCRUFFTIME- for us photographers -look at this Jay , who popped in this morn! Magpie not so bad, and a rather rare glimpse of a butterfly…remember old guys , when we used to have hordes of allsorts in the garden? Commonest was Small Tortoiseshell-where did they go? Climate change? well , I have David Attenborough on my side and he weighs a bit! All we needed was D. Trump just to put the seal on it!!! Hope you youngies are listening, cus it’s your world they are wrecking!

DSC_5871_filtered copy

Red Admiral above.

_DSC2239 copy_filtered copy

DSC_5876_filtered copy

Posted by: bazzpugh | August 5, 2017

Commic Tern LLandod lake.

eFor the uninitiated ( myself included) last year Tony Ware our Rhayader and Elan birder commented he had sighted Commic Terns fishing on one of the lakes “COMMIC” I thought… Is he having a bit of a laugh….excuse the lame pun Tony….but having it then explained to me :- The Arctic and the Common Tern are so very hard to distinguish apart at a distance hence the birders descript…….also a few young uns taken recently. The Terns two…were fishing on the lake Friday evening 6.00 Pm.Goldcrest. Chiffchaff.Fem Stonechat.

Posted by: robin100 | August 5, 2017

Tern @ Llandrindod Lake

(via Nigel Starnes) Tern sp. feeding over Llandrindod Lake Friday evening ~19:00 .Unable to get 100% I.D , probably Common , but noticeably long tail streamers ; no obvious black tip to bill & very buoyant flight did suggest Arctic ?

Posted by: Tony Ware | August 4, 2017


Superb views of a Hobby this evening, hunting Swallows over Llyn Gwyn reservoir.

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 4, 2017


Bye Grandchilders (still got dogs!!)-and here’s a sample of what I have been showing ’em! Bank Voles make a change : for the uninitiated, they are distinctly reddish with rounded ears which are mostly hidden-quite engaging indeed.They mop up under our feeders and really are pretty CUTE! Despite having no wings!!!

DSC_5270 copy_filtered copy

DSC_5273 copy_filtered copy

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 3, 2017

Elan & Cefnllys


With the usual western weather pinning us down , not a lot to see ,( now when we were young , we had a summer and the SUN came out!!!), but a couple of pics from the Elan-Stonechats and fem Whinchat (scruffytime); garden full of finches again after a lull : Gold , Green ,Chaff an Bull, plus some reasonably smart Nuthatches. Sadly , the Sprawk nailed a Song Thrush yest. I say sadly as I can’t help getting partial!!! Tons of Sparrows for him to chase! Whereas we are a bit hard up for thrushes-excuse my anthropomorphising,(Chris Packham wring your hands!). Let’s hope we see a wee rise in temps for the school hols.

DSC_5540_filtered copy

DSC_5497_filtered copy

Fem Whinchat below.

DSC_5453_filtered copy


Posted by: Tony Ware | August 1, 2017

Monthly Summary July


A female/imm type Merlin was seen at Pont ar Elan on the 3rd – 4th, at least 20 Crossbills were flying around Gwaelod on the 6th, and the Grasshopper Warbler was churring away again at Craig Goch on the 7th. 3 Short-eared Owls were at Pont ar Elan on the 9th, there were 33 Canada Geese on Graig Goch reservoir on the 11th, and 2 Goshawks were above Garreg Ddu on the 17th.

Other notes: A Kingfisher was seen on several occasions on the rivers, also a Barn Owl was recorded.

Posted by: robin100 | August 1, 2017

Kingfisher @ Llandrindod Lake

(via David Edwards) On walk around lake this morning spotted kingfisher. also two herons, opposite sides of island . I thought they were territorial ??

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