Fledged Spotted Flycatcher

Fledged this morning, one Spotted Flycatcher.  Fortunate to get this shot because parents became agitated and moved their new family further up into the canopy as we moved into the garden.


Also, pleased to see this juvenile Chiffchaff passing through the garden today._J5D3074

Other juveniles seen in the garden this month:  Blackbird, Greater, Blue and Coal Tits, Mistle and Song Thrushes, Blackcap, GS Woodpecker, Robin, Dunnock, Siskin, Nuthatch, Treecreeper and a Redstart (f)!

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Great Crested Grebes Llandod lake.

She /he has been sitting on a new clutch now for about 3 weeks surrounded by her first brood of three….quite entertaining to see the largest of the chicks trying to get on the nest to help but getting turfed off by the adults…..any time now we should have another brood of greblets hopefully…..also Tufted ducks have three dimunitive chicks not very old ..but these chaps start diving virtually out of the egg…..as l say three could be more.

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Clever crows

Not everybody will like them, but I confess I’m an admirer of crows. My local crows have young and are very keen to clear up my leftover scraps during this prolonged drought. I have taught them to come by loudly tapping a plate with a fork and they appear in an instant to gobble up stale bread, mouldy cheese, smelly fish skins etc. which is very useful. Recently there were a few fascinating crow news stories:



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Mediterranean Gull @ Elan Valley

Found this afternoon, on the shore by the island at Penygarreg reservoir.

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Large number of Red Kite on Llanbister Common this morning.

Walking on the common this morning and the farmer was ploughing the field at the far end. 60 plus Black backed Gulls & 30 plus Red Kite. This was one of them. I have tried to discover the information from the wing tags but been unable to. I am sure some one on this site can help.

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Late House Martins have finally beaten off the Sparrows and are nesting in our “box”; the Kite is performing well in the garden and used to the scraps! A pair of Spotted Flies (or the same) nesting again in Rock Park.

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Grasshopper Warbler @ Elan Valley

Churring away this evening, at the same Craig Goch location as last year, also a flyover Barn Owl.

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