radnor1.pngRadnor Bird Blog offers birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts a place to report bird sightings in and around the county. Until now, there has been no regional site to report and record sightings in Radnorshire. This site aims to fill that gap, and thereby foster and encourage birdwatching and conservation as a whole in Mid Wales. It will also build up a picture of birds resident in Radnorshire and migrants passing through.

Radnorshire boasts a rich diversity of wildlife, and while there is no estuarine or coastal habitat, there are many lakes, rivers, woods – both young and old – as well as moorland and heath. Believe it or not, well over 200 species of bird have been recorded in the county, and as the climate changes, we are seeing more and more rare visitors to this corner of Mid Wales.

dunnock.jpgIn addition to sightings, you will find links to organisations and clubs working to conserve bird and other wildlife.
We hope you will contribute to this ‘blog’, by reporting your sightings, but above all, wildlife watching is about enjoying what nature has provided for us, and conserving it for future generations.

kite.jpgReporting your sightings to the blog does not equate to a report to the County Recorder. We would ask that you give consideration to the birds and refrain from reporting nesting sites which may be abused by those not interested in the birds themselves, but their eggs.

If you have any queries or comments, or would like your organisation to be featured on our links page, please email administrator.

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