Turtle dove,cuckoo and sedge warbler.

turtle doveBig thanks to Sue Lewis for giving me the nod on the whereabouts of the above… A very precious bird declining drastically R.S.P.B News magazine … but he’s made it over to Llandegley and happily purring away on a power line post in the village…Sue relates that he has been sighted in the area since monday.  As I have always said  “Sue  you have the eyesight of a Sparrow hawk”cuckooA distant shot of the cuckoo near Llandegley Rocks. singing away flat-out.sedge 1At least 3 male Sedge warblers chittering and chattering in the lake lagoon reedbed this morning…having what it seemed a titanic battle with the reed buntings for favoured nesting territories. They must have ousted the reed warblers no sign of them this A.M.

2 thoughts on “Turtle dove,cuckoo and sedge warbler.

  1. Nice photos Bazz and TD is back, wonder if it is the same. Curiously I did wonder a few days back whether I heard a TD here (New Radnor) but didn`t see anything and was not absolutely convinced the `song` was a TD rather than a collared (it was a mixed purring type song) dove as it`s such a while since I heard a TD

  2. Well the T.D seems to be back in the same territory and is using the same feeding sites as last years in Llandegley…Sue thinks it may be the same…Also sue has seen two in previous years. I always had an inkling that it was the same one flying back and forth to New Radnor but it would be hard to substantiate.

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