Ring Ouzels @ Caban Coch-late extra!

A few more of these delightful visitors before they leave us once again heading for warmer climes around the Med basin. We don’t get so many nowadays-they once bred in this area when I first xed the border in 1973 and in one phenomenal  Autumn we had 60 + passing through the Elan valley!  Checked my diaries! This visitation was Oct 22nd 2005 and I spotted them for the first time. Happy days! Here’s hoping they hang on for a while.


About kevjoynes

Retired teacher from L'dod High-when it was a top school! Originally West Mids, but been in Wales since 1973.Started birding at age 7-hiatus 'til 2000 when retirement gave time for photography.
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8 Responses to Ring Ouzels @ Caban Coch-late extra!

  1. Tony Ware says:

    They should be around the quarry carpark/vc area till Monday 5th Kev, then they move, same as last year. For the record we had the same number appear as last year, in the quarry carpark, and on the same dates.
    Monday 5th Nov, Elan Valley bonfire and fireworks display, apparently bigger and better than last year. Excellent images.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Glad you are on the dot, but I’m hoping they break the mould! Many thanks.

  3. Meurig Garbutt says:

    Super images.

  4. kevjoynes says:

    Many thanks Meurig.

  5. javrich says:


  6. kevjoynes says:

    Cheers Jan.

  7. The date when we counted 69 birds in the Visitor Centre Car Park was 26 November, 2009. I remember as it was my mum’s birthday 🙂

  8. kevjoynes says:

    Cheers Jan-must’ve been another lot as your comment made me go and look-see above.

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