Into the Doldrums and very little to report save the Heron watching the dragon boats paddle by with relative unconcern, although he did look a bit surprised ,if not apprehensive,when Martin mentioned Bazz on a paddleboard!!! Otherwise , a Buzzard wheeling very low over the lake-mayhap a spot of Osprey in the genes-and a fleeting glimpse of a Reed Warbler.

About kevjoynes

Retired teacher from L'dod High-when it was a top school! Originally West Mids, but been in Wales since 1973.Started birding at age 7-hiatus 'til 2000 when retirement gave time for photography.
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8 Responses to Heron-L’dod.

  1. bazzpugh says:

    Just to put things in their right content before I get into a legal navigational battle with the Town council…..Not on the Llandod lake on the SUP paddle board…..The river Ithon yes, the river wye yes, the high seas of cardigan bay yes…..Llandod lake a big no no.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Never thought of the lake-the high seas I had in mind! No worries anyway:Powys wouldn’t notice if you launched a frigate on the lake!!!

  3. bazzpugh says:

    He He…nice pics all the same.

  4. cestrienne says:

    Did report seeing a pair of peregrines over the house …

  5. Skylarkmidd says:

    Great shots Kev…..and I understand maritime rescue has been informed of the purchase!!!

  6. kevjoynes says:

    Nice one Susie. Aha! Martin-thought I glimpsed an air sea rescue copter going down the Ithon.

  7. bazzpugh says:

    Another great idea of yours Kev….introducing a frigate bird to the lake…..he/she will certainly give them thar LBB something to think about…..and when he blows up that bright red crest. The dragons will probably capsize.

  8. kevjoynes says:

    I wish!

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