Clever crows

Not everybody will like them, but I confess I’m an admirer of crows. My local crows have young and are very keen to clear up my leftover scraps during this prolonged drought. I have taught them to come by loudly tapping a plate with a fork and they appear in an instant to gobble up stale bread, mouldy cheese, smelly fish skins etc. which is very useful. Recently there were a few fascinating crow news stories:

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6 Responses to Clever crows

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Love it.

  2. Brian pollard says:

    Thought for a moment that it was the crows tapping the plate with the fork, perhaps you could teach them to do that!

  3. Di Alderson says:

    We have even cleverer crows One is a lookout and sits on top of very tall conifer overlooking our back door. My coming and goings are noticed but not acted on however if I appear carrying my little brown plastic box with scraps even as I open the door the cry goes up FOOD . I then go to our very large lawn and deposit the scraps so then a war ensues with kites and crows with crows trying to get in first and magpies on the sidelines

  4. clivebrown1 says:

    Recycling at it’s best! I like Brian’s comment and from what I’ve seen they could probably do that easily (do you want some sparrows, there are loads here that clear the feeders in less than a day)

  5. Sue lewis says:

    Reitterate what you say.We have resident crows (3) in Ash tree on common and observation has led me to believe they are territorial but also protect the smaller birds from birds of prey.This was spotted when there was a commotion and looking over the hedge a sparrowhawk was attacking a dove. Trying to protect and release it were the Two crows.Fasinating when you find the time to observre them.These are Llandegley crows 😊

  6. martinallandod says:

    Great to hear other people’s crow stories! Most entertaining.

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