Ferruginous Duck @Llanbwchllyn

Still there this afternoon – always at the end furthest from the hide. 70+ Tufted Duck, 18 Coot, 6 Teal, Little Grebe, pair of GC Grebe displaying as well. A Tawny Owl called from the trees behind the hide, 33 Stock Doves in the fields above the lake to the north and flypast Grey Wagtail and Kestrel.

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3 Responses to Ferruginous Duck @Llanbwchllyn

  1. granddadscott says:

    As a new comer to the area any chance of more info regarding Llanbwchllyn please, in google it always takes me to Bala is that correct.!

  2. Leafie says:

    No, you definitely don’t want to be heading in that direction! It’s a reserve run by the Radnorshire Wildlife trust, so if you go on to their website it should give you directions etc.

  3. granddadscott says:


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