Posted by: kevjoynes | October 17, 2017

2 ooc Megas in one day!

The mountains overlooking Abergavenny were the scene for 3 intrepid explorers yesterday to brave a buffeting from Ophelia and witness the weird red sun and a smart Rock Thrush from S. Europe. Paul (Leafie) ,Sylvie and I could barely stand upright on times , but it was thrilling to see and much enjoyed. Sorry the pic isn’t the best , but the bird didn’t come very near for us.

DSC_9574_edited-1 copy_filtered

DSC_9702_filtered copy



  1. It looked like the moon at first Kev, perhaps I may put a photo on the Mont Blog but not sure if anyone looks at it now!

  2. Be a devil! It’s time someone got it going again-such a shame!

  3. Two phenomenal pictures, Kev, well done. Never heard of Rock Thrush !

  4. Cheers Heather-not surprised you haven’t heard of it, as it lives in S. Med and is VERY RARE here-just blown off course.Only 3 ever in Wales I think and about 17 in England in the last 100 years!!!

  5. Nice one, lucky you.

  6. Cheers Martina.

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