Posted by: Martin middleton | August 7, 2017

Odd one out

Not Radnor……but anyway!….. just walking around Caernarfon airport perimeter (as you do) and came across this little fellow ……not sure at first but then his mates turned up and it all became clear!……..however they did seem rather reluctant to have him too close…..raptor target practice I would have thought!!!…. hope he survives!!



  1. Cracking stuff Martin-guessing you are airborne again?

  2. An extraordinary specimen – could this be a true albino starling?

  3. I think so Martina!….. was as far as I could tell completely white …… only had my 300mm lense with me and I could not get very close….. he was quite skittish…….No not flying yet Kev!…. awaiting the results of my tests….. came up in the motorhome

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