Commic Tern LLandod lake.

eFor the uninitiated ( myself included) last year Tony Ware our Rhayader and Elan birder commented he had sighted Commic Terns fishing on one of the lakes “COMMIC” I thought… Is he having a bit of a laugh….excuse the lame pun Tony….but having it then explained to me :- The Arctic and the Common Tern are so very hard to distinguish apart at a distance hence the birders descript…….also a few young uns taken recently. The Terns two…were fishing on the lake Friday evening 6.00 Pm.Goldcrest. Chiffchaff.Fem Stonechat.

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6 Responses to Commic Tern LLandod lake.

  1. Brian pollard says:

    Very nice, great Goldcrest’s

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Well done Bazz-I’d go Arctic as I can’t see any sign of a black tip , but it’s very hard with a pic at distance as you say.

  3. skylarkmidd says:

    Great shots Baz…….. always thought a commic tern was something that happened on stage!!!….. is that a tic on god face of the gold crest??

  4. bazzpugh says:

    Cheers folks…..It certainly looks like a tic…..but I believe it’s a seed of some sort……it was doing a lot of foraging before taking a short lived break.

  5. Heather Speake says:

    Great set, Bazz, especially love the Goldcrest….

  6. bazzpugh says:

    Thank you Heather.

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