Monthly Summary July


A female/imm type Merlin was seen at Pont ar Elan on the 3rd – 4th, at least 20 Crossbills were flying around Gwaelod on the 6th, and the Grasshopper Warbler was churring away again at Craig Goch on the 7th. 3 Short-eared Owls were at Pont ar Elan on the 9th, there were 33 Canada Geese on Graig Goch reservoir on the 11th, and 2 Goshawks were above Garreg Ddu on the 17th.

Other notes: A Kingfisher was seen on several occasions on the rivers, also a Barn Owl was recorded.


About Tony Ware

A keen Birdwatcher from the age of 12 after watching a flock of Waxwings outside the School gates. Became a serious twitcher during the 80s. A Wildlife Trust Warden and Warwickshire County Mammal Recorder for the Mammal Society and Warwickickshire Biological Record Centre before moving to Mid-Wales. Today! out Birding most days, Recording-BTO survey work, Nest Record Scheme and WeBS. Currently involved with the Wales Chat survey.
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