Sparrowhawk @ New Radnor

(via Elaine Blackman) Working in the garden this afternoon, my attention was caught by the frantic twittering of Swallows & House Martins. I looked up in time to see something fly into a Corkscrew Hazel with an almighty thump – when it flew out the other side, it turned out to be a male Sprawk. I had another sighting a little later of a male flying above the garden when there were lots of hirundines – do Sprawks take things like that? I think of them as ambush predators, leaping out from behind hedges & bushes.

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One Response to Sparrowhawk @ New Radnor

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Elaine, I’ve never seen one nail a hirundine and they wouldn’t manage one in t open flight (not being Hobbies), hence our Swallows and H Martins often mob the local Sprawk out in the open ,zooming pretty close , but a sudden attack from cover would probably work!

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