Posted by: kevjoynes | July 27, 2017

Dyfi Osprey Project.

Over the border:here we are again,another year later and my advice to anyone interested. Get over there in the next two weeks as all 3 young have fledged (Aeron,Eitha and Menai ) and are busy exploring the neighbourhood, returning to the nest after each sortie.Sadly , I couldn’t nail a decent pic , but keep trying! However , on the way back a Kite performed : pics of them in flight are commonplace , but perched is a different story.

DSC_5595_filtered copy

DSC_5672_filtered copy_edited-2



  1. Great kite shot Kev…….and as you say, not easy to get!!

  2. Many thanks Martin.Hope all’s well.

  3. Love the pic of the kite – every bedraggled feather cleared shown.

  4. Thank you Heather.

  5. Great photo Kev, never seen a kite on a fence post before, we had one landing in our tree late last year, which now you mention I usually only see them in flight. I will post a picture

  6. Cheers Clive.

  7. That kite is one of your best Kev, simply beautiful in that soft light.

  8. Thank you for those kind words Martina.

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