Posted by: Tony Ware | July 1, 2017

Elan Valley.

Monthly summary for June.

An Oystercatcher was at Craig Goch 5th and 6th. A Tern species briefly at Dolymynach 12th and a Quail at Pont ar Elan 22nd and 23rd was an excellent find. The Great Crested Grebes, Goosanders and the Greylags all failed to breed at Dolymynach, no records of Little Grebe and Osprey so far and Little Egrets present in the breeding season for the second year was encouraging. At least 2 pairs of Curlew and Red Grouse produced chicks, while on the rivers 2 pairs of Dipper had 2 broods and Grey Wagtails had an excellent breeding year. All the woodland summer visitors produced plenty of young. A Mink was seen on the river by several visitors at the visitor centre, and a another record of a Pine Marten.


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