Posted by: kevjoynes | June 25, 2017

Swallow Elan 2 plus…( Don’t forget to click on pic for a larger view!!!).

Previously posted fem , now here’s the male , equally dewdropped -for the uninitiated , note the very long outer tail feathers on the male.

Plus L’dod lake-gets bewildering on times ! We now have the original Mallard with NINE offspring , one with 3 and the Tufty with two! Clearly the 3 LBB Gulls are feasting , but mostly on the Moorhen/Coot /Tufty Young, Trying to make up ,there is a new Coot brood of 5 on the island and the Moorhen sitting on yet another lot!!! Dare to mention the GCGrebes -still sitting 2 months late ! DSC_0349_edited-2_filtered copyBlimey! How does one keep up? Well Bazz goes on hols and I just give up! The Reed Warbs seem to be on their second brood with a male belting out at Lakeside and another by the lagoon. Hmmmm! Bet the Euro will steady things !!!



  1. That’s not dew Kev it’s sweat!!!!

  2. Thank you sir!

  3. Lovely swallow in rain pictures; also super Curlew

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