Hardly notable over winter, but a Starling at this time of year is very unusual in our garden, but one has been visiting regularly over the last week. It isn’t using the feeders,  instead probing the lawn for grubs / worms etc.

Also a fine male Greenfinch was a good spot recently given their recent issues.

The garden is teaming with birds and we clocked over 20 different species using it last week for the first time, with many youngsters.  Very exciting,  but the bird food bill is going through the roof!

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3 Responses to Starling

  1. Tony Ware says:

    A Starling in Rhayader during the breeding season !
    Keep me posted mate 🙂 quite a rarity.

  2. alinrhayader says:

    Will do and the Spottie is still about too. Up to 16 sparrows in the garden tonight, if you want some let me know!

  3. Tony Ware says:

    No thanks! Our House Sparrows have now left the nest, they are sitting in a line under my truck in the garden, i`m keeping an eye on that cat 😦

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