A bat hunting by the entrance to Rock Park outside the Gwalia is hardly unusual,  but at 3 o’clock this afternoon in broad daylight??! Observed for a good 15 minutes from the office window today!

Be interested to know from people far more knowledgeable how unusual this is and what might cause this behaviour… Over to you!


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3 Responses to Bat

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Seen them daylighting up the lake from time to time.

  2. Simon Allen says:

    Watched a daubentons over a river one lunch time in Sussex about 20 years ago and a pip mid afternoon in Autumn. Certainly unusual, I’d say, Alin.

  3. clivebrown1 says:

    No expert, but we saw a bat flying up and down the river by the cafe in Rock Park last year, that was in the afternoon as well

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