Posted by: kevjoynes | June 9, 2017

Home territory.

Chatting to lovely L’dod Pete today and both noted the sudden influx of birds to feeders this week -particularly Jays ! Relatively cheap previously and now the feeders are being emptied-anyone who still thinks feeding is not necessary, GET FEEDiNG .Presumably it’s to do with fledging of the young ,  Anyway, on the lake we have 3 GCGrebes and 6+ Tufties  . A family of Reed Warbs by Lakeside and Coots doing o.k. tho Moorhens seem to have succumbed to either Gulls or Mink preds. Up here , Bullies , a very smart Redpoll, loadsa Sparrows ( sorry M! ) , Green & Gold plus young , Blackbirds and Song Thrush  and GS Woodies with young.

_DSC1828_filtered copy

_DSC1860_filtered copy

_DSC1766_filtered copy

_DSC1848_filtered copy



  1. Well done Kev. The sunflower hearts are going down just as quick at the moment as in winter. I think the parent birds are teaching the youngsters where to get their grub. Lovely Redpoll and Bully.

  2. Reckon that’s it Brian-thanks again.

  3. Hi Kev, re the moorhen, One sitting, nest on low branches west of fenced off beach.

  4. Cheers Carlton-looks like it’s doing the same nest again…having lost EIGHT already , one wonders if it’s worth it!!!

  5. Nice pics Kev; I`ve noted a lot of male bullfinches around and about local lanes last week, where have they suddenly come from ?

  6. What a great set – very interesting and entertaining !

  7. Remember to keep your feeders clean: a quick scrub in disinfectant solution between refills or get a spare clean one for changing over.

  8. Thanks James & Heather-it is strange how they come and go.

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