Rare Sparrows in Llandrindod

I  know this isn’t mind blowing to most of you, but I saw 4 House Sparrows on the peanut feeder today – the largest number I have ever seen together in my garden. Who gets more of these ‘rarities’?

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8 Responses to Rare Sparrows in Llandrindod

  1. alinrhayader says:

    You can have some of ours if you like, 3 broods out of our boxes so far, lost count after 12 in our garden, I would guess there are 20 – 30 on the estate. A male has been continually tweeting outside our front door protecting a box since February, novel at first, but somewhat annoying after 3 months – but they are certainly entertaining!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Hi Martina…..sorry to burst your bubble…house sparrows are numerous down our neck of the woods….we get small flocks of 10/12 queuing up for the peanuts regularly, but as you say they ain’t quite as thick as they used to be around here.

  3. Maggie says:

    Had at least twenty in our garden yesterday ! Many of them newly fledged

  4. kevjoynes says:

    Dunno if I dare add mine since I’m just up the road…BUT…re 15 usually- one squeezed into a nest box designed to keep them out with a 11/8 inch hole! Even tried to turf the House martins out-may have succeeded , but weather so bad , I can’t say yet. Still , they are cheerful!

  5. martinallandod says:

    What do all you folks have that I don’t, sniff…

  6. cestrienne says:

    I have my own flock of house sparrows here: I have two sparrow boxes, and they’ve been very successful in attracting them. There’s usually half a dozen squabbling over peanuts and fat balls on the bird table. I have counted a dozen visible at one sitting: others can be heard, o I’m doing my bit!

  7. Tim Sparrow says:

    Had 12 here the other day, lots of noisy squabbling. Add in the 4 human resident Sparrows with all their noisy squabbling and it gets a bit messy!

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