Spotties in the wall

I`d not seen much of the Spotted Flycatchers recently in the garden but last couple days they`ve been very active fluttering (and that best describes it) around the big old wall at back of garden. This morning has been delightful watching the pair of them, they`ve been fluttering, even hovering, around the wall and seem to be taking up residence in the hole occupied by Grey Wagtails last year, ie about 10m right in front of my office window. Great joy to watch them in the morning sun. As for pics, rather difficult as a small brown bird against a grey / brown wall…see what I can do ..but just watching them is great. Beautiful characterful birds

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2 Responses to Spotties in the wall

  1. kevjoynes says:

    More great news from your awful garden!!! We have been deserted this year ,despite a plethora of boxes! Just Blue tits etc. ENJOY!

  2. jbnr says:

    Am doing–just as I write this the pair have just flown back into their wall hole. Viewings by appointment can be provided !!

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