Red Kites @ Llandrindod 

(via Tim Sparrow) Pair of red kites cartwheeling downwards above Cefnllys area with locked talons on multiple occasions – 8-10, wasn’t counting. Marvellous display. 

Fighting, courtship ritual or play? All looked pretty serious, they must have been close to the ground when they parted, if not on it! Anything hit your roof Kev?

Reading up about it, (#Googlingmarvellous) no one seems to know why for sure. Not restricted to just kites either apparently.

Can anyone else share an opinion?

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2 Responses to Red Kites @ Llandrindod 

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Hi Tim-nothing’s hit the roof yet! Yup-speculation indeed : some Eagles do it as courtship and some Kites , but it’s a bit difficult to disentangle as twere – after all , courtship should be over by now, unless it’s a couple which hasn’t bred…who knows? You should have nailed a shot or two 🙂

  2. tspadger says:

    Hadn’t even got a phone with me Kev, just out for a stroll in the fields behind us.

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