Great Crested “Grebes” Llandod lake.

Thanks to Colin ( Williams) for this sighting….Passed on to my wife Joy….we now have three G.C.G.. A pair must have arrived last night or early this morn….good news for the lake but not for the resident male…poor old thing..  lamenting his lost mate for a month and now he’s being chased all over the lake by the ( what I believe is the new male arrival)  the new pair are doing a strange activity ….head in the water and pushing along partly submerged in the weed area, not bonding in any way ….pic showing….not just the once but for as long as an hour (My Stay)… Also a couple from the Rhogo pool ….Little grebe and a Tufted duck male…there’s a pair of each well as some very anti social coots.

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One Response to Great Crested “Grebes” Llandod lake.

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Nice collection.

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