Great Crested Grebe Llandod lake.

The continuing Saga of the Great Crested Grebe…..After finding a mate… consummating their bond …the female sitting for a couple of days then vanishing (Why, where, how) the distraught male has been sitting on the excuse of a nest( originally the size of a small cow pat)….but since has been built up by a couple of coots and looks more like a nest…The male Grt Crested grebe has kicked the coots off— and as the pic shows Yesterday, is periodically sitting, in between circling the lake painfully calling for his true love or so it seems any love…Ces’t la vie.

The Golf club cuckoo….still evading all and sundry, been up a couple of times, love to get him….but a sky lark singing away on top of a gorse bush will have to do… and just as good.

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One Response to Great Crested Grebe Llandod lake.

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Grand catch Bazz.

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