Posted by: Tony Ware | May 28, 2017

Elan Valley

Yet another successful Birdwatching event today, thank you to all those that turned up, lots of birds, plenty of sunshine and unfortunately a few midges to contend with.

A big thank you to Alex for inviting us all over to his wonderful, bird haven of a nature reserve at Llangurig, an excellent afternoon.

Next meeting and final event is on Wednesday, 7th June at 7-00 pm,

All welcome.



  1. Hi Tony,

    Is the next one on Wed. 5 July? Or Fri. 7 July?

    I might be able to make the Wednesday, but I’ll be overseas again by the Friday.




  2. Thank you Tony for another lovely walk and to everyone big and small who came to llangurig… very enjoyable day. Within 20 minutes of everyone going the cuckoo started “cuckooing” 🙂
    Alex Sally

  3. Hi James,
    Next event is on Wednesday evening, 7th June @ 7-00 pm. Not July my error, apologies it was a long hot day yesterday.

  4. Many thanks to Tony and Alex for a wonderful day – the views of Cuckoos were fabulous, the midges less welcome! I think Tony summed up the day when we stopped for a few minutes and took in the orchestra of Wood & Willow Warbler, Song Thrush, Pied Flycatcher, Redstart and distant Cuckoo, to say simply ‘That is the sound of a Welsh Woodland’. We are so lucky to be able to experience it when so many woodlands are now going silent – with many of those species now absent elsewhere. Please all, get out and treasure our wonderful birds over the next few weeks.

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