Posted by: kevjoynes | May 26, 2017

Rock Park & Golf club.

So no Cuckoo for me! Tried again today:3 times to no avail-just shows how much luck is  involved! Still , got a pair of Stonechats and Linnets up top. Down to Rock park and found a Spotty, but no pics…however here is an insight into Chaffie life! First time in all my (many) years that I have seen a Chaffinch build anywhere save a bush! Mind it’s very wise with all the damn squirrels intent on gobbling the eggs.Guess they were a bit warm today, but surviving o.k. Anyone seen any Spotties , apart from Bazz’s secret hoard as they seem a bit thin?

_DSC1129_filtered copy

_DSC1152_filtered copy



  1. Chaffinch nesting in/on a building is a first for me. The nest looks a bit loose with very little of the usual cobweb/lichen covering.


  2. Agreed, very odd location!! Not seen that before either. At least 2 pairs of Spotted Flycatchers at Crossgates.

  3. Cheers both-lucky Paul!

  4. Cuckoo still calling round here this morning Kev, but a bit more distant now. Perhaps it’s coming your way? Nice one of the chaffinch nest, though chicks won’t win a beauty contest!

  5. Cheers Martina-wonder if the cuckoo is the one up the links? No , baby birds still have that reptilian look I’m afraid! Til they fluff out a bit!

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