Posted by: kevjoynes | May 17, 2017

L’dod Lake.

First Elaine Oldham spotted a Coal Tit nesting in the wall near the cafe-great spot Elaine!

Meanwhile ,youngsters continue to explode onto the scene: today NINE young Coots with parents by the cafe and another set of 6 cygnets-for how long I know not as there is already one Lesser Black Back in attendance.

_DSC0650_filtered copy_edited-1



  1. Once the pike arrive such scenes sadly could be a thing of the past.

  2. PIKE? Wot Pike???You know something I don’t?

  3. Just rumours, something to do with controling the smaller fish roach etc.

  4. Yep!….I once witnessed the tail end Charlie of a line of baby mallards get swallowed by a large pike

  5. Mmmm! Strange how folk complain about the grebes and goosanders etc gobbling up the smaller fish , but they want pike to control numbers???

  6. I have it on good authority that my remarks regarding propoed pike introduction were a load of rubbish and are not to be taken seriously and I appologise for any misunderstanding caused.

  7. No need Carlton- I know you are a sensible guy , but the idiot who suggested it-typically , a wild flight of fancy as he is wont, has little grasp of reality! Good idea to consult real experts before launching into space!

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