Cuckoos @ Llanwrthwl

(via Susie Stockton-Link) Went round the Elan reservoirs, listening / looking for cuckoos, on Sunday 7th, pm, in open top car. Heard 1/2 [same one?] near Penbont above the bottom reservoir; seemed to be on western side.
Then went through Elan village and turned right, widdershins round the back of the hill to Llanwrthwl. Heard a cuckoo to the right by the village; then, on the right, a different bird.
THEN saw a male cuckoo sitting on the roadside fence posts! Location Explorer 200, West Sheet, in flat field of brown grass to left / north of road below Coed Carngafallt. Approx. 947635, to west of Blaen-y-cwm farm. It flew to trees on the left and was then joined by #2 cuckoo. A minute later, ANOTHER cuckoo came barrelling out of the sallies to the north of the field: THREE cuckoos in one tree! #1 didn’t like the interloper and flew onto power lines over the field, occasionally swooping down on something edible in the field. It then flew onto various fence posts, the telegraph wire to the farm, trees, before flying north into sallies behind the farm. I once saw two cuckoos together near Clee St Margaret about 25 years ago, but I’ve NEVER seen three at once before. Drove home on a little pink cloud. I did take photos on my phone, but unless they’re blown up, they’re just blobs – we’ll see what the photo wizards of the blog can do!

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One Response to Cuckoos @ Llanwrthwl

  1. Syd Chalkly says:

    What a fabulous picture you painted!! It made me feel that I was on that trip with you.

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