Goldcrest Rock Park Llandod,

Anthea had spoken to my wife Joy relating to a Gold Crest visiting her feeders, as a result I made my way down to her house, by the bowling greens rock Park….He… I believe it’s a he, was in the big conifer opposite her garden, very confiding… used to people. managed a few pics of our European Littly. Nice one Anthea.


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4 Responses to Goldcrest Rock Park Llandod,

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Very nice Mr. Pugh.

  2. jbnr says:

    Beautiful pictures, all lovely.Well done Bazz. Now if you could add in a bit of snow / frost on the branches you`d have a very nice Xmas card too 🙂

  3. bazzpugh says:

    Cheers folks….come December I will try that James.

  4. Heather Speake says:

    Absolutely beautiful – middle one is perfection… come to that so is the first !

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