why we need to cherish our birds :(

I’ve been doing a bit of birding at my little nature patch in llangurig. Watching the returning curlews and looking out for the hobbies 🙂

It looks like this is coming to a bit of a sad end though as plans have been passed to put a road and windfarm through the nesting site. I (wrongly) thought that the law would protect our birds, especially something as precious as the curlew. Turns out that is not the case sadly. The developers have been “allowed” to net a badger sett, net a hedge, and they refuse to accept the presence of nesting birds. I guess this is a salutory tale about how we need to defend what we have. I don’t want to post an off topic or political post but I know some of you will want to know what’s going on with our local wildlife. The site ,which is upland/ moorland is likely supporting other treasures that we see in Radnorshire but it very un-surveyed. If you know the area, one of the people in the village has a facebook page about it called Save the Badgers from Bryn Blaen Windfarm

If anyone fancies a reccy of what is nesting in the area before they start, this weekend is free 🙂


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3 Responses to why we need to cherish our birds :(

  1. Hi Alex, We’re around Sunday afternoon. Please get in touch. BW Kris & Dominic

  2. Alexsally says:

    Kristine, that would be great. More the merrier. Can have a mooch around my little bird reserve. 🙂 just email me at solarsolutionsfountains@gmail.com thanks Alex

  3. Alexsally says:

    You still on for Sunday afternoon? Hopefully be sunny like today. Alex

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