Posted by: kevjoynes | April 21, 2017

L’dod Lake.

A dull day weatherwise, but our first ducklings hit the news! 10 or more! Try counting ’em! Ma has her wings full…sad , but I doubt if many will survive-the gulls will see to that-or the Heron-or the Crow etc.

Plus-young Moorhens saw daylight too-pretty early! Meanwhile the Reed Warb belts out his song and the Reed Bunts are still here…nesting?

_DSC5996_filtered copy

I’m winnin!!!

_DSC5988_filtered copy

_DSC5952_filtered copy



  1. Ah, downy duckling days have come… nice.

  2. Lovely pics Kev………..

  3. Cheers Martina & Martin.

  4. Lovely pics “Mr Joynes” and great to see you for a chat at the lake on Thursday. 🙂 I counted 11 little ducklings then, bless them. I suspect you’re right about the predation tho!

    Any sign of the common sands again? Was great to see 2 flying round the island on Thurs.

  5. Very kind Heather-great to see you too-no more of the” Joynes” stuff mind! At least it’s better than SIR , which I still get served on occasion!!! Despite never having been knighted! No , the pipers disappeared as is their wont-nowhere decent for them to feed.Ps. Sue knew you straight off!!

  6. Much appreciation and praise from another one of the same name !

  7. Yes-suddenly it’s got confusing!

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