Elan Valley

First record of a Cuckoo calling today, not far from the visitor centre.


About Tony Ware

A keen Birdwatcher from the age of 12 after watching a flock of Waxwings outside the School gates. Became a serious twitcher during the 80s. A Wildlife Trust Warden and Warwickshire County Mammal Recorder for the Mammal Society and Warwickickshire Biological Record Centre before moving to Mid-Wales. Today! out Birding most days, Recording-BTO survey work, Nest Record Scheme and WeBS. Currently involved with the Wales Chat survey.
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5 Responses to Cuckoo.

  1. f1onaw says:

    Think Sorcha heard one last week?

  2. Tony Ware says:

    First record received at the Elan Valley visitor centre today of a Cuckoo calling.

  3. javrich says:

    I’m sure Sorcha heard one last week too?

  4. kevjoynes says:

    Tis true-she did, but as she posts on her blog , most of us didn’t know.

  5. sorcha03 says:

    Aye did have 2 records of cuckoo calling and seen. Cnwch and up here. busy lambing so its a bit of run round on all sides first day on internet much tonight….. only get a chance when generator on in evenings. …. do love a cuckoo though 🙂 all at home :– house marten in at the house, swallows all about the buildings, siskin, goldfinch, gs woodpecker, barn owl, buzzard, stonechat, wheatear, reed bunting, curlew, wagtails grey and pied, kestrel, snipe, welsh mountain, ewe lambing…. no no different list lol x its all starting to come….

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