They’re gone!

Saw my last waxwing Monday morning ……. these colourful and enigmatic birds have been keeping us entertained for the past couple of months and it had been very easy to forget that these Bohemian beauties were only nomadic visitors  drawn initially to our area by an abundance of berries and subsequently by a good supply of Tesco imperfects……..we wish them well on their long journey north back to Scandinavia and Putin’s place, and hopefully there will be some feedback on their progress and whereabouts…… as many of the birds have been colour ringed  🌏…. I’m missing them already.

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3 Responses to They’re gone!

  1. Dave bevan says:

    Marvellous little birds- hopefully they will remember where they were well fed and bring their offspring with them next year.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Amen to Martin’s remarks-I must say they gave me one of the best month’s pic sessions I can recall-I only have a few thousand images to remember them by !!! Wish I had Dave’s optimism too-usually it’s YEARS before another irruption.
    A final thanks to all in Newbridge ,but most of all MARTIN!

  3. skylarkmidd says:

    thanks Kev!……..

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