Posted by: kevjoynes | March 22, 2017

Newbridge Waxies et al.

Well, I’m delighted to say they are still here and tonight indeed I counted 41!!! Where do they hide?  I spent a large amount of the day waiting and saw nothing save 5/6 flying past ,but patience finally rewarded . A bit of excitement yesterday when a fem Sprawk launched an assault , but very half hearted.They are BIG,when you are used to just the males.

_DSC4140 copy_filtered copy

_DSC4064 copy_filtered copy

_DSC3006 copy_filtered copy

_DSC2530_filtered copy



  1. Lovely head and shoulder shot Kev. Sorry I just don’t like ringed bird images.

  2. Last picture is indeed a `wow` type image, superb pic 🙂

  3. Great shots Kev!……no imperfects left at tesco 🍏…… I wonder why????…….birds still present late afternoon.

  4. Love the hair do Kev! Do you think they will still be about tomorrow?


  5. loving waxwing photos,long way to come for a no show!!Sally;

  6. Hope this one works! Thanks all-tried to respond individually and it went haywire! Many thanks to Brian,James and Martin.
    Dave-it’s totally unpredictable-my guess is they will be in Newbridge , but beyond that , I dare not venture.They were missing all day til teatime!

  7. Thanks Sally-it’s not that far!

  8. All fantastic – your Waxwing pics get better, love the portrait especially, but that fem. Sprawk is something else !

  9. Very kind Heather many thanks. Could you let me know if you just received a garbage email from me?

  10. sally rhogo lives in bromyard!!

  11. Oops! Sorry Sal-assumed once a rhogirl always a rhogirl!!! Sorry-you obviously moved and had us confused.
    How right you are-just one dropped down today!

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