Posted by: bazzpugh | March 19, 2017

Aggresive waxwing Newbridge on Wye.

I know, I know, I know, enough is enough….but this waxwing “fatty” must be called.. he would not let any of the other birds get near any of the apples, he would perch on one of the apple sticks happily munching away then as soon as  any other bird would alight on any other stick he would fly at them with a vengeance… if he ( I believe it’s a he no female could ever be so aggressive Ha Ha) carries on like this he will never be able to make the long flight home…”PLOP” !!!.  I wonder if any other viewers, birders have noticed this behaviour.  A few too many anys.!!!



  1. Nice pic Bazz and yes-he’s been like that all week! double green! Most peculiar , but as soon as all the others come down , he relents!

  2. Glad you noticed Kev….yes seems like the camera glitch is sorted time being.

  3. Apart from his aggression, this picture certainly shows its beauty in its sleekness and handsome quiff !

  4. Thank you Heather

  5. Lovely picture Bazz really captures the birds mood and attitude

  6. Cheers James.

  7. I think Kev and Tesco may have had some input with regard to his girth!! 🍎

  8. Cheers Martin, I would assume there could be 3rd party involvement ….”lmperfects” ?.

  9. Tee Hee! Oddly , he’s slimmed down today-probably all the exercise chasing everything.

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