One from the Tower

early this morning a single Raven was seen to attack and destroy the contents of a small five nest rookery in the garden of Skylarks Newbridge on Wye …. he was witnessed eating most if not all of the eggs despite the unfortunate incumbents calling in reinforcements from a nearby much larger rookery……. they will, of course, lay more eggs…… but will he return?

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7 Responses to One from the Tower

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Great spot there Martin-it really is amazing! One of those fantastic moments!

  2. Dave bevan says:

    At least he did not eat your waxwings! They are big and very powerful birds but i did not associate them with nest robbing. Something new every day.


  3. skylarkmidd says:

    Thanks both!…..for your comments.

  4. Trevor Riddle says:

    That’s a very interesting observation. A long established ( c80 years) rookery here in Somerset was suddenly abandoned around 5 years ago. This followed colonisation of the area by Ravens and altercations between Ravens and Rooks ( over 20 pairs) the previous year. The Rooks relocated about a mile away ( and would presumably still have been targeted by Ravens) but this year a few Rooks have returned to the old site. Watch this space.

  5. skylarkmidd says:

    Good morning Trevor, ……it’s good to know that the “Radnor bird blog’ is followed from further afield …… It would seem then, that this is not such an unusual occurrence as we first thought! ……… this rookery is in its second year and consists of only 5 nests…… A satellite from a much larger colony 500 mts away….. maybe that Was the reason it was targeted! ….. We too seem to have more local Ravens than in the past…… so possibly competition for available food ??……. Have you had any waxwings? ….. Ours are still here, but only about 20 now….peeked at about 70 ish…… Thanks again for your input

  6. Trevor Riddle says:

    Good morning, Martin,

    I imagine that Ravens have always predated nests of various species ( anything available) but now there are more Ravens at low altitudes and in suburban areas the predation is being observed more and the Ravens are going for lowland nesting species like rooks. The increase in Ravens is I believe ( in this area ) a huge reduction in persecution. Buzzards have increased similarly.

    Not so many Waxwings as you – a few at the huge Tesco’s complex in North Bristol for a few weeks.

    Trevor Riddle

  7. skylarkmidd says:

    Thanks again for that Trevor…… very interesting and informative….. I will observe rooks and ravens with added interest in the future.
    Kind regards.
    Martin Middleton

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