Posted by: kevjoynes | March 18, 2017

Goodbye Starlings?

Tearing myself away from those beloved Waxies for a while , we witnessed this up the Elan on Weds-difficult to squeeze everything on!!! How they manage to actually feed like this is quite beyond my comprehension! They swarm and flutter around in a maelstrom,as if food were abundant , yet I could not spot a bird actually getting anything-so much we do not know! Yup, reckon I agree-most of ’em are back in Europe-birds don’t do “Brexit” -thankfully!!!

_DSC2613 copy_filtered copy

_DSC2615 copy_filtered copy



  1. It could be the Aberystwyth pier bunch …….. on a day out Kev!….

  2. Indeed! Come to think , we’d like a day out in Aber…cept the sun don’t shine!

  3. These birds are from the Hirnant roost,
    Nice images 🙂

  4. Cheers Tony.

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