Posted by: bazzpugh | March 17, 2017

A few recent ones.

Marsh tit Lake Lagoon….midges must be warming up!!!Male reed Bunting.Chaffinch…All going well until——–The devil arrived to Hoover up the pea nuts!+****XX.They just love your apples Mart….. this A.M early.



  1. Missed you this morning Baz…….what time was that? ……I was probably out for my run,!!……wonder how much longer they will stay.

  2. Well done.

  3. Cheers Kev….just after 8ish…you were probably zedding it Martin…zzzzzzzz. I went first thing to the brynwern apple station they were flying overhead and headed towards your place where I found them on your apple sticks…I counted 40….they are reluctant to leave your imperfects.. on to a good thing l guess.

  4. What a lovely interesting assortment – thanks, Bazz !

  5. Woke up to these lovely pictures to cheer my day.

  6. Cheers Heather, Martina.

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