Posted by: kevjoynes | March 16, 2017

Waxwings still with us.

I keep thinking they have embarked on their epic journey, only to find them popping up again…much to my delight! Varying numbers throughout the day  round Newbridge culminating in 40+ round 17:00.Very unpredictable though. Unlike this wee Goldcrest who is still visiting @ Cefnllys.

_DSC8026 copy.jpg b _filtered copy



  1. Yep! And they’re costing me a fortune in apples…….. But I won’t half miss them when they go……nice goldcrest Kev.

  2. Lovely creature.

  3. Cheers Bazz.

  4. Ta Martin-missed your “e”! Yeah-Tesco’s are doing very well out of me too! I shall also be lost once they go.

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