Posted by: kevjoynes | March 15, 2017

Wheatear @ Elan.

My first this year-up Claerwen by toilet block but better views of this one @ Pont ar Elan-not even moulted into full plumage yet , but singing away._DSC2658_filtered copy

_DSC2689_filtered copy



  1. We could`nt find it anywhere.
    We hope you find your Grebes 🙂

  2. Well done Kev, none up the Rhogo yet….but saying that!!!!!!!

  3. Have a look round Pont ar Elan bridge.No , we couldn’t find the damn grebes either!

  4. Nice one Kev ! and super photos, looks like early Spring warmth ending abruptly though today so hope these early arrivals get through it; it`s all a bit early this year it seems with Swallows and Chiffchaff and now Wheatear–2 or 3 weeks early by my reckoning

  5. Nice pics Kev -got my first one at Kidwelly Key whilst videoing Little egrets so some more on the way!

  6. Cheers Dave-have fun.

  7. 1st class images of the Wheatear – well done, Kev…..

  8. Thank you Heather.

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