Posted by: jbnr | March 12, 2017

Waxwings on the apples

Following on from info from Kev et al finally made it down to Newbridge today, 1 pm; none @ Martin`s house so went down to apples site. Counted 34 waxies, initially all but a few in the sitkas. Then they started twittering and started to fly about before the whole flock alighted in the bushes, and then as if one they all flew down to the apples 🙂 What a superb sight, their bustling around, twittering just 10yd from my van. Then as suddenly as they had all come down to feed they were off again flying as a flock southwards. Many thanks to all bloggers for posting updates on these marvellous little birds,!!







  1. Well done James…finally!

  2. Indeed and it was well worth waiting for !!

  3. Glad you found them! …… 21 still there tonight @ 1800 hrs

  4. I arrived about 12.30, not knowing about the apples – just went that way to turn around. As soon as I arrived, they flew off and just flittered about in nearby trees a few 100m away.(I was a bit clumsy in parking and getting out of the car!).
    Went down to the river – saw a grey wagtail, returned and they were a bit closer, but unobliging. Looks they were waiting for me to leave!

  5. Tim,they can be most unpredictable , but best to stay in the car at that spot then you can get pretty close-if you see them up top it’s worth waiting 10/15 mins ,when they often come back.

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