Posted by: kevjoynes | March 12, 2017

Waxies? Blackcap demands equal rights!

Amidst our pursuit of the iconic Waxies , this guy demanded a place in the spotlight-Martin’s garden of course.What would we have done this winter sans his Holly tree?

_DSC0711 copy_filtered copy

_DSC0715 copy_filtered copy



  1. Handsome little chap Kev!!……one has to feel some sympathy for him…. for days now he’s been forced to watch his winter larder 🍒rapidly disappearing before him.

  2. Cheers Martin-guess he’ll find the berries the big guys missed!

  3. Nice pics Kev, hard to believe a blackcap eats holly berries; I thought they had a diet of insects. But maybe it`s just a case of what`s available?

  4. Cheers James-I have seen them take rowan berries and last year we had one scoffing apple.Think it’s usually the overwintering birds making the best of it as you say.

  5. Awww, gorgeous…

  6. Many thanks Martina.

  7. When ringing Blackcaps in autumn, that have been eating a lot of backberries or elderberries, its best to wear old clothes!

  8. Nice!

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