Posted by: kevjoynes | March 11, 2017

Waxies Again @Newbridge.

The epic  “viking” saga continues, as we disrupt normal life in Newbridge in order to get pics & views of this iconic vagrant. It has been wonderful meeting all the locals and explaining what’s going on,  and LOVELY to meet up with folk , with Martin hosting the show & TONY DIRECTING OPS. Tony has managed to ring re 97% of the 65 visitors, thus allowing us to see where they go and where they come from-amazing travels. Always difficult to envisage the thousands of miles that these wee birds can negotiate-we happily talk about Scandanavia, Fenno-Scandanavia  , Siberia etc., but how far away is that? Not so hard to imagine a Bewick’s Swan doing such , but not a bird Starling size, and we really have to thank  local guys like Tony X and Paul Leafe for expanding our knowledge in this area. When you see a bird barely 7 inches in length (18 cms for the young!) and imagine them flying back to the  far northern areas, it quite grips the imagination…particularly when you have just been within 20 feet / 5 metres of them. Let’s hope they stay a while longer, tho I doubt it.

_DSC9322 copy 2_edited-2_filtered copy

_DSC9423_filtered copy

_DSC9681_filtered copy

Meanntime the local Kites want to know why no-one is paying them attention!!!

_DSC9457_edited-1_filtered copy



  1. Wonderful waxwing photos . What camera do you use ? Looks like a professional lens !

  2. Many thanks Mochdre-what’s a “pro lens” ! :-).I use a Nikon 600mm on a 7200. Cracking gear , but heavy as lead!

  3. Looks heavy ! You take wonderful photos !

  4. Amen, to that Kev……. Still 34 around at 1700hrs…… But almost no berries 🍒 left at Skylarks …. I will certainly miss these little guys when they finally go, it’s been a great week!

  5. Many thanks Carol-very kind.

  6. Martin,delighted they are still there-found 13 0n the apples round the corner at 15:30, so might give ’em another shot tomorrow , tho’ weather prediction rubbish. What an enormous pleasure it has been and I have LOVED this week-huge thanks to mine host for making the long interludes such a pleasure: never known a week fly past like it!

  7. Great Waxwing Photos again. Pleased to have met you at Newwbridge the other day. Thanks for advising us the best time to see the birds. Always wanted to see Waxwings, lovely birds.
    Colin & Margaret Titheridge

  8. Thank you for these amazing photographs Kev. They are so crisp. Janice

  9. Many thanks Janice-you’ll be at it soon.

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