Waxwings – as promised

Here are my attempts of Waxwings from yesterday. First time I have seen this beautiful bird. Very much enjoyed catching up with a nice crowd of “peoples” I haven’t seen in what seems like an age. Hopefully it won’t be so long until next time….. maybe spring will see some of us emerging from hibernation lol. Was a very enjoyable afternoon 🙂 thanks for photo advice 🙂

bird 6fbcc



bird 10fb.jpg


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6 Responses to Waxwings – as promised

  1. kevjoynes says:

    So we shall delete the “attempts”word, since they are cracking, first class shots and congrats. Great to catch up again, especially on one of those strange days when the sun came out!! Most enjoyable.

  2. sorcha03 says:

    Well sir you are very encouraging indeed 🙂 It was lovely standing in the almost warm glow of that big round thing – oh the sun! 🙂 genuinely was nice 🙂 x

  3. skylarkmidd says:

    Great shots ……. never thought I’d see so many cameras around my house!!!

  4. jbnr says:

    Very nice pictures as Kev says, no `attempts` but excellent —sadly I didn`t get down there as unable to, but seeing the pics is great

  5. kevjoynes says:

    C’mon James-I’ll lend you a horse!

  6. sorcha03 says:

    lol…. you could be looking at a business opportunity there skylarkmidd 🙂 teas and cakes.haha. Thank you jbnr x

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