• Most of you will know by now of the influx of a sizable group of waxwings Into the Newbridge on Wye area, these wonderfully coloured and charismatic birds are currently spending a large part of their day feasting on the last of the holly berries on a tree not more than 20ft from my bedroom window…. how lucky am I !!! …. and the icing on the cake!!!….. being able to witness first hand the dedication and skill of the “Mid Wales bird ringers ” in the form of their leader Tony Cross …..the speed and dexterity required to carry out this task quickly and efficiently cannot be overstated and the potential information to be gained immense …… and they do it all for no reward!!!
  • …. just the love of birds.
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  1. bazzpugh says:

    Nice one Martin and of course Tony ….very interesting. Folk will be able to get a complete picture of this dedication if they open Ruffled Feathers Webb site.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Great stuff Martin, but have a thought for us poor ole buggers: can’t read it without a magnifying glass!!! Please press “bold & italic.”  🙂

  3. Dave bevan says:

    Thanks Martin for the welcome this morning – I did manage a couple of good clips. Also great to chat to Kevin and Bazz whose work I have followed from afar!


  4. kevjoynes says:

    Dave-were you the guy from Carm with the video?

  5. Dave bevan says:

    Hi Kev,

    Yes that was me- I hope to be in the edw valley more often this year so maybe we will cross paths again- certainly if the GCG performs at the lake.


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