More Newbridge Waxwings

The holly berries are diminishing rapidly, but the birds were still there today, tho we could do with better light to appreciate their lovely plumes; tomorrow perhaps? Large numbers of folk from the village have enjoyed their wonderful display, which has lasted for a couple of months now…what a privilege!_DSC8915_filtered_edited-1 copy

_DSC8269_filtered copy 2

_DSC8462_filtered copy


About kevjoynes

Retired teacher from L'dod High-when it was a top school! Originally West Mids, but been in Wales since 1973.Started birding at age 7-hiatus 'til 2000 when retirement gave time for photography.
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10 Responses to More Newbridge Waxwings

  1. jbnr says:

    Lovely pictures Kev (as usual) — I wasn`t aware that they were there, exactly where to be seen, I`ll try to get down there next couple days maybe.

  2. Nigel Starnes says:

    Great pictures Kev !

  3. kevjoynes says:

    Cheers Nigel.

  4. Heather Speake says:

    Stunning images again, Kev, didn’t think you could improve on the last lot… but you have !

  5. kevjoynes says:

    Very kind Heather, tho I’m not so sure!!!

  6. kevjoynes says:

    Sorry James: missed responding on here: very kind indeed.

  7. talyllyn says:

    I was very glad to catch sight of them too yesterday. Lovely photos everyone. One photo shows a waxwing with two rings on red and yellow I think. Does that mean a particular location or can’t tell without the numbers?

  8. skylarkmidd says:

    Stunning bottom shot Kev…… good to talk to you both over the last few days….haven’t seen the birds for the last few hours ..we shall see.???

  9. kevjoynes says:

    Very kind Martin and yes, I have so enjoyed being on your doorstep and chatting non stop! Must do more. What else can you arrange? Some Bluethroats???

  10. kevjoynes says:

    Hi Talyllyn-you need both legs to ID , but it just means they were rung at a specific location-e.g. Newbridge and if they make it back to Sweden etc and someone else catches them , it’s proof of the journey-we have some really interesting info to date of their journeys back and fore in the Brit isles-not the simple logistics you would anticipate, e.g. Norway to Scot and down here and so on-some go back up to Scots , or indeed across to Anglia etc. Fascinating stuff. Either way they will all be off in a couple of weeks across the North sea and hopefully we might get some news from Scandanavia of their wanderings. Sad that we are so ignorant of these simple facts!

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