Waxwing @ Newbridge-on-Wye

63 feeding on Holly berries by the Newbridge Inn today.

waxy 3_filtered

Please keep an eye out for any colour ringed birds, so we can monitor their migration across Britain and maybe in to mainland Europe! Many have been ringed locally, but at least two have be ringed up in Aberdeen. Colour ringed birds will have combinations on both legs (see photo below).

wxy 4_filtered

(one of the Scottish ringed birds)

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4 Responses to Waxwing @ Newbridge-on-Wye

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Well done Paul-great to see you as per-now let’s hope the rain keeps off!

  2. Tony Ware says:

    Well done Paul. Now I know why you were standing outside the pub in Newbridge this morning Kev 🙂

  3. javrich says:

    Fabulous photos ☺

  4. Heather Speake says:

    Beautiful pictures indeed !

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