Posted by: kevjoynes | February 25, 2017

DORIS! @ Elan.

Just to add to Tony’s report, here are a few pics of Doris on Thurs 23rd-not a bird in sight and I refused to get the grandchildren out of the car lest they were bowled over up top  of Caban Coch-I could not stand upright myself  and just pointed the camera in the rough direction ; Xst, I have NEVER been up there in the like : the wind was tearing the water from the reservoir and hurling it up the mountainside like whisps of mist-I almost got bowled over as  it ripped my bobble hat off as t’were a boater-humbled by nature’s immense power…again!dsc_3556_filtered-copy


And finally, the calm after the storm above Craig Goch.




  1. That first shot is amazing Kev

  2. Cheers Bri-wish I could convey the actual…bit of a nightmare in truth.

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