Posted by: kevjoynes | February 17, 2017

Visitors from afar…again.

The Waxies have popped in again-did they ever go? Well it seems that we have some hanging around from last time , but others dropping in as they move southwards. Our resident expert Tony Cross will be able to sum up their vagaries eventually along with some quite surprising results. Check out “Ruffled Feathers” ( his website ).But odd birds move  down  from Scotland  to Wales and then across country with surprising regularity-I mean from here to the east coast etc. They are amazingly mobile. They really are clued in about supermarkets and berry shrubs/trees, mostly heading for urban centres where no winter thrushes venture,thus berries are still available, so we are quite lucky.





  1. good one Kev. are they in the same places.

  2. On the” new “road twixt Builth and Newbridge.

  3. What an amazing beautiful picture is the 2nd one – absolutely exceptional !
    Even shows the red markings by the tail….

  4. Agreed ! Lovely picture !

  5. Many thanks Nigel.

  6. Thanks Heather.

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